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Get guidance from Alibaba Cloud experts on infrastructure with high reliability, security and performance.

Alibaba Cloud’s Well-Architectured Framework

Learn the three pillars of architecture on Alibaba Cloud to review, evaluate, and improve the quality of your workload.

  • Reliability

    The reliability pillar focuses on Alibaba Cloud's capabilities of ensuring business continuity from failures. This whitepaper mainly talks about reliability design for core Alibaba Cloud products and solutions from service scalability, O&M, costs, and security perspectives.

  • Security

    The security pillar focuses on information security. This whitepaper mainly talks about shared security responsibilities, security compliance and privacy, Alibaba Cloud infrastructure and security architecture, security capabilities provided by Alibaba Cloud products, security services provided by Alibaba Cloud security, and Alibaba Cloud data security system.

  • Performance

    The performance efficiency pillar focuses on the efficient use of computing resources to meet various requirements and to maintain efficiency as requirements change and technologies evolve. This whitepaper provides in-depth, best practice guidance for you to design performance-efficient architectures on Alibaba Cloud.

Reference Architectures

Explore more architectures that best suit your business needs

Deploy MongoDB Instances in Multiple Regions
This template deploys MongoDB instances in two business regions to support large-scale, cross-regional businesses and achieve data synchronization between regions with latency in millieseconds. You can directly use the provided template and sample code for quick start.
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Business on Cloud
Upgrade From a Standalone Website to a Cloud-based Architecture - Deployment at Ease
This template creates a stack based on a cloud-based Internet architecture, including a VPC, an internal SLB instance, an Elastic IP address, two ECS instances, and an ApsaraDB for RDS instance, and deploys a WordPress image on the ECS instances. After deployment, you can directly use the provided EIP address to access the WordPress website.
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Containers & Microservices
Deploy Spring Cloud Applications to Container Service for Kubernetes
This template seamlessly migrates Spring Cloud applications to Container Service for Kubernetes at low costs, without changes to the calling method between applications. Kubernetes is a natural fit for microservices. This template takes full advantage of the elasticity of Kubernetes to meet application scale-out requirements. After Spring Cloud applications are containerized, resource utilization is greatly improved.
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Best Practices

Learn to deploy complete solutions with step-by-step guides that cover common business scenarios.

Cloud Migration
Migrate Your E-Commerce Website to Alibaba Cloud
This book includes a best practice architecture, and provides a step-by-step guide for migrating small and medium e-commerce applications on the cloud.
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Operations and Maintenance
Getting Started with Terraform for Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud provides integration with Terraform, which allows you to manage Alibaba Cloud infrastructure with greater efficiency.
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IT Governance
Enabling Operation and Configuration Auditing on Alibaba Cloud
Achieve proactive governance based on effective auditing and automatic monitoring and alerting on all your cloud resources.
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Quick Starts

Automatically deploy popular Alibaba Cloud solutions with Quick Start templates.

Security & Compliance
Safeguard the Security of E-commerce Websites
The template helps you ensure the stable operation of your business O&M system and target your marketing efforts and special offers to real customers, preventing bargain speculation.
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Use DevOps to Deploy Containerized Applications to a Container Service for Kubernetes Cluster
This solution uses DevOps to complete automated development and continuous deployment of containerized applications (backend services for mini programs).
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High Performance Computing
Use E-HPC for Industrial Simulation
This solution is applicable to scenarios where E-HPC and OSS are used to run software for model simulation. This template runs an open-source simulation tool called LAMMPS, and uses OSS to upload data.
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