Intelligent Advisor

An intelligent tool that can be used to perform quick inspections on your cloud resources and application architecture to detect underlying risks and provide solutions.

Automated inspections
and professional suggestions

Intelligent Advisor is developed based on the actual use cases, best practices of Alibaba Cloud users accumulated over the years, and expert experience of Alibaba Cloud technical experts. Intelligent Advisor provides comprehensive online inspections for cloud resources, application architectures, and business performance and security and provides optimization suggestions. This helps improve the business continuity.

Easy to use

You can perform one-click inspections without technical background. The interpretation of risks is simple and easy to understand and the suggestions are clear and executable. You can continuously receive inspection results after only one subscription.

Professional suggestions

More inspection items are added based on the best practices of previous users and Alibaba Cloud technical experts. Professional suggestions are provided for the risks that are identified after inspection to facilitate troubleshooting.

Wide coverage

Intelligent Advisor provides inspection features to check the security, stability, performance, and cost of resources for 21 Alibaba Cloud basic services. This way, Intelligent Advisor identifies resource issues and provides suggestions on how to handle them. Learn More >


Risk Visualization

Topology Visualization
The topology is automatically recognized and then displayed to show the business structure.

Risk Distribution
The risk inspection results are displayed on the topology to visually demonstrate the risk distribution of the service architecture.

Comprehensive Presentation
Check and display the risks of all nodes in the topology in a periodic manner based on the inspection results generated by Intelligent Advisor.

Inspection Reports

Selective Subscription
Subscribe to inspection reports to view risk statistics. You can obtain risk statistics in the cloud every day or every week without the need to log on to the console. Daily inspection reports allow you to obtain risk details every day and prevent the risks from escalating.

Weekly Inspection
Subscribe to weekly inspection reports by email and obtain risk summary reports every week. This way, you can obtain risk trends, stop risks from escalating, and ensure the consistency of your business operations.

Exclusive Inspection
Perform exclusive inspections on the security, stability, performance, and cost of key cloud services to quickly generate inspection reports with key notes. Download Demo Report

Custom Inspection

Custom Inspection Threshold
Specify custom thresholds for specific inspection items based on your business requirements. This helps reduce invalid inspection results.

Custom Inspection Scope
Enable or disable inspection items to manage the scope of the online inspection based on your business requirements.


Cost optimization

Perform regular inspections for resource deployment to identify low-load resources

In scenarios where complex services are deployed on a large architecture, you can perform regular cost inspections to generate cost reports. This way, you can release low-load resources to save costs and upgrade the specifications of high-load resources to ensure service stability.


  • Resource optimization

    Perform cost inspections to identify idle resources in the service architecture and optimize the idle resources.

  • High-load resource recognition

    Perform stability inspections to find high-load resources and upgrade the specifications.

  • Inspection items tailored to your business

    Specify custom inspection thresholds to obtain valid information based on your business requirements.

Recommended Services

Stability Improvement Before Major Events

Perform inspections before major events to improve service stability

When major events are launched, resource workload may globally increase. In this case, resource stability and availability must be ensured. You can perform inspections on all resources before the event is launched to identify and resolve issues in advance.


  • Stability risks

    Generate inspection items based on expert experience, identify risks that frequently occur, and provide solutions.

  • Performance risks

    Identify and report performance risks of resources based on resource metrics.

  • Daily inspection

    Subscribe to daily inspection reports to reduce the cost of manual troubleshooting and quickly identify risks.

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