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Simple Log Service:How do I deactivate Simple Log Service or stop being billed for Simple Log Service?

Last Updated:Apr 03, 2024

After Simple Log Service is activated, you cannot deactivate it. If you no longer require Simple Log Service, you can delete projects and Logstores. This topic describes how to delete projects and Logstores in Simple Log Service.

Background information

Delete projects and Logstores


After you delete projects or Logstores, all related logs and configurations are deleted and cannot be restored regardless of which deletion method is used. Proceed with caution to avoid data loss. If you cannot delete projects or Logstores by performing the following operations, call the DeleteProject or DeleteLogStore operation to delete the projects or Logstores.

Cloud service logs

When you enable the log analysis feature for Alibaba Cloud services, such as elastic computing, storage, security, and database services, projects and Logstores are automatically created in the Simple Log Service console. For more information, see Enable the log analysis feature. If you no longer require the logs of cloud services, you can perform the following operations:

  1. Disable the log analysis feature in the consoles of the related cloud services.

  2. Delete projects or Logstores in the Simple Log Service console.

Log Audit Service logs

For more information about Log Audit Service FAQ, see FAQ and troubleshooting.

  • If you no longer need to collect logs from cloud services but you want to temporarily retain the collected logs, see Disable log collection. Logs are deleted when the retention period ends.

  • If you want to clear and delete all Simple Log Service resources that are related to Log Audit Service, see Delete audit resources. The resources include projects, Logstores, dashboards, and alerts.

CloudLens service logs


If you enable a CloudLens application, Simple Log Service automatically checks whether a project whose name is in the aliyun-product-data-<Alibaba Cloud account ID>-cn-heyuan format exists within your Alibaba Cloud account. If the project does not exist, Simple Log Service automatically creates the project.

If you want to delete the project, open the Cloud Shell and run the aliyunlog log delete_project --project_name=aliyun-product-data-<Alibaba Cloud account ID>-cn-heyuan command. Replace Alibaba Cloud account ID based on your business scenario.


If you delete the project, all CloudLens applications become unavailable. Proceed with caution.

Other logs

If you want to retain projects and delete Logstores, see Delete a Logstore. If you want to delete entire projects, see Delete a project.