This topic describes the best practices for using Server Migration Center (SMC) in different scenarios.

Background information

SMC is a migration platform developed by Alibaba Cloud. You can use SMC to migrate data from your servers to Alibaba Cloud. SMC provides multiple features and benefits to simplify data migration. For more information, see What is SMC?.


You can use SMC to migrate data in the following scenarios.
Scenario Description
Migrate servers to Alibaba Cloud SMC allows you to migrate servers that run various versions of Windows or Linux operating systems to Alibaba Cloud. Servers can be deployed in data centers, on-premises virtual machines, or on other cloud platforms.
Migrate data between Alibaba Cloud VMs If you want to migrate data between Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, we recommend that you consider the copy image and share image features first. However, if you need to scale in disks, you can use SMC to migrate data between Alibaba Cloud ECS instances.
Use the SMC plug-in of Cloud Assistant to import the information of a source server If you have installed a Cloud Assistant client on your server, you can use the built-in SMC plug-in to import the server information in a convenient and efficient manner.
Use the Windows GUI version of an SMC client If your server uses Windows, you can use the Windows GUI version of an SMC client to import the server information.
Migrate incremental data from a source server If you need to synchronize data changes from your server to Alibaba Cloud, we recommend that you perform an incremental migration.
Migrate source servers to Container Registry SMC allows you to migrate servers to Container Registry. You can use SMC to migrate containerized applications to Container Registry at low costs. Containerized applications are distributed applications that are managed in an automatic manner and deployed with high agility and low security risks. Application containerization improves resource usage and reduces computing costs.
Migrate servers to ECS instances SMC allows you to migrate servers to ECS instances. After you purchase an ECS instance, you can migrate your server to the ECS instance.
Migrate servers over a VPC If your server can connect to a virtual private cloud (VPC) from your data center, virtual machine, or cloud host, we recommend that you migrate data over a VPC. Compared with migration over the Internet, migration over a VPC is more efficient and stable.
Estimate the time required for migration and test the data transfer speed You can estimate the migration duration and the data transfer rate.
Enable multi-threaded transfer acceleration You can enable multithreading data transfer to utilize the maximum bandwidth. This allows you to improve transfer efficiency in high-bandwidth scenarios.
Import multiple migration tasks by using an Excel template You can import multiple migration tasks at a time in the SMC console. SMC provides an Excel template to import task information.
Install GRUB on a Linux server SMC allows you to migrate a Linux server to Alibaba Cloud. However, for earlier operating systems, such as CentOS 5, Red Hat 5, and Debian 7, you must upgrade GRUB to version 1.99 or later. For Amazon Linux, you must upgrade GRUB to version 2.02 or later.