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Quick BI:Progress bar

Last Updated:Sep 27, 2023

progress bar can visually show the progress of a certain indicator, mainly used for progress display. This topic describes how to add data to a progress bar and configure a style.


A dashboard is created. For more information, see Create a dashboard.


Before you use the progress bar, you must set the target value on the Style > Current Value /Target Value.


Use scenarios

It is often used in scenarios such as progress, metrics, and trends. It focuses on enterprises and businesses. You can quickly determine whether business exceptions occur based on the changes in metrics.


  • Computing power: One-click configuration progress completion rate.

  • Visualizations: bar, ring style, and water wave style.

  • Various interactive options: You can add remarks or endnotes to metrics in a word cloud chart. You can also add links to a word cloud chart to interact with external systems.



Create a chart

  1. In the Measures list of the Data panel, double-click the target field. You can also drag the field to the Progress Indicator (Mea.) section.

    In this example, the destination field is Order Amt.

  2. Click Update to create the LBS heat map.

  3. On the Style tab, set the Current Value /Target Value parameter.

    In this example, it is set to static field 40000000.


    When you use a progress bar chart, you must set the target value first. Otherwise, the progress is 100%.

Configure the chart style

  • On the Field tab, configure the format of multiple fields at a time.


    For more information about how to configure chart data, see Configure chart fields.

  • On the Style tab of the Chart Design page, you can configure the style of the progress bar.

    The following section describes how to configure the styles of an LBS heat map. For information about the common style settings of charts, see Configure the chart title.

    You can enter a keyword in the search box at the top of the configuration section to search for configuration items. You can also click image..pngExpand /Collapse All Categories in the right-side chart.

    • In the Percentages section, set the Visualization Chart Type, Number of Displays, Color Settings, and Percentages Width parameters. image.png

      Chart configuration items

      Descriptions of parameters

      Switch between visualized charts

      You can switch between Bar, Ring, and Water Wave. 进度条.gif

      Maximum number of entries per row

      Specify the maximum number of entries to display in each row.

      Color Settings

      Supports color matching for progress bar.


      Ratio Bar Width

      Supports custom progress bar width. 进度条2.gif

    • In the Metric Content section, configure the style of the metric content.

    • In the Current Value /Target Value section, set the text style of the display name.



When you add data to a progress bar, the progress indicator /measure is determined by the measure of the data. You can select at least one measure and at most five measures.

What to do next

  • You can share your dashboard with others. For more information, see Share a dashboard.

  • If you want to create a navigation menu for thematic analysis, you can integrate your dashboard into a business intelligence (BI) portal. For more information, see Create a BI portal.