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Quick BI:HUAWEI CLOUD data source SQL Server

Last Updated:Apr 18, 2023

This topic describes how to add a HUAWEI CLOUD data source of the SQL Server type.


  • A HUAWEI CLOUD SQL Server database is created.

  • You have obtained the username and password of the HUAWEI CLOUD SQL Server database.


  1. Add the elastic IP address (EIP) of the exclusive resource group for Data Integration or the CIDR block of the vSwitch with which the resource group is associated to the IP address whitelist of the data source that the resource group needs to access.

    Before connecting to the HUAWEI CLOUD SQL Server, add the Quick BI IP address to the whitelist of the HUAWEI CLOUD SQL Server.

  2. Add a Hologres data source and verify that the data source can be connected.

    1. After you log on to the Quick BI console.

    2. Follow the instructions in the following figure to add a data source

      1. Go to the Create Data Source page.

      2. Select the SQL Server data source.

      3. Select HUAWEI CLOUD for Data Source Type.

  3. In the Configure Connection dialog box, configure the following settings based on your business scenario.




    The name of the data source. The name is displayed in the data source list.

    The name cannot contain special characters or start or end with spaces.

    Database Address

    The public endpoint where the SQL Server database is deployed. Log in to the HUAWEI CLOUD management console, bind the Elastic IP Address to the instance on the Basic Information page, and view it on the Connection Management page.


    The port number of the database that you want to access. Default value: 1433.

    Source Database

    The name of the database that you want to access.


    The schema of the database. Default value: dbo.


    The username that you use to access the database.


    The password that is used to log on to the database.


    If SSL is configured for the destination data source, you can select SSL to protect data security.

    Enable the file upload portal

    You can upload files after you enable this function.

  4. Click Test Connection to verify that the data source can be connected.

  5. Click OK.

What to do next

After you add a data source, you can create a dataset and analyze data.