You can renew a subscription instance to extend its subscription period. Fees generated after renewal are charged in the same manner as a new instance. Pay-as-you-go instances never expire. Make sure that your Alibaba Cloud account has sufficient balance.

Renewal method Fee deduction time References
Auto-renewal (recommended) If you enable auto-renewal, the system first attempts to deduct fees from your Alibaba Cloud account at 08:00:00 on the ninth day before your instance expires. If the deduction fails, the system initiates another attempt once a day for the next two days. Three attempts are made in total.

Make sure that your Alibaba Cloud account balance is sufficient.

Note If all of the three automatic fee deduction attempts fail, you must manually renew the instance before it expires. This prevents instance downtime that may cause data loss.
Enable auto-renewal
Manual renewal If you manually renew the instance, you must immediately pay for the renewal.

We recommend that you renew the instance at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, your instance may be stopped and the instance data may be deleted. For more information about the impacts of instance expiration, see Expiration and overdue payments.

Manually renew an ApsaraDB for MongoDB subscription instance