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Mobile Platform as a Service:Configure project

Last Updated:Jan 27, 2021
Important: Since June 28, 2020, mPaaS has stopped support for the baseline 10.1.32. Please use 10.1.68 or 10.1.60 instead. For how to upgrade the baseline from version 10.1.32 to 10.1.68 or 10.1.60, see mPaaS 10.1.68 upgrade guide or mPaaS 10.1.60 upgrade guide.

After integrating the SDK, you should do some configurations on the project.

Configure project after version upgrade

In 10.1.32 and later versions, you don’t have to add the Category file of the APRemoteLogging class. The middle layer will implement packaging to read the file from the meta.config. Therefore, you should check whether there are old-version configurations after upgrading the version. If yes, just remove them. The following figure shows the Category file of the APRemoteLogging class that should be removed from the new version.


Configure user ID

Configure user ID in the project. The user ID is recorded in tracking logs by default. You can configure the user ID in the category of MPaaSInterface.

  1. @implementation MPaaSInterface (Portal)
  2. - (NSString *)userId
  3. {
  4. return @"the-user-id";
  5. }
  6. @end

What to do next

You can add the following types of logs: