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Mobile Platform as a Service:Crash log

Last Updated:Sep 07, 2023

Crash logs record crashes of Apps. You can log in to the mPaaS console, and view crash reports in the Mobile Analysis Service > Performance Analysis page.

Event tracking

Based on framework

If you have accessed the framework (APMobileFramework repository available in the project), the crash reporting module automatically obtains crash logs and uploads the logs to the server. You only need to ensure that the crash monitoring is enabled after integrating the SDK. To ensure that crash logs are reported in time, it is recommended that you call the API marked in red in the following figure by using the main function.

Crash tracking

Framework not accessed

If you haven’t accessed the framework (APMobileFramework repository unavailable in the project), you need to enable the crash monitoring when startup, and upload the crash logs after startup.


Disaster recovery switch

By default, disaster recovery processing will be triggered when 4 consecutive crashes occur, and the files in the Documents directory will be cleared to avoid crashe problems caused by dirty data. In 10.1.60 and above, you can manually call the following interface to enable or disable disaster recovery processing.

#import <MPMasAdapter/MPAnalysisHelper.h>
 * Enable or disable disaster recovery processing, enabled by default.
+ (void)enableDisasterRecovery:(BOOL)enable;


Only the crash logs of an App running on a real device are captured and uploaded to the log server. To debug crash monitoring, you should disconnect the Xcode and do not use a simulator.