After you get a quick start on the query editor and the MaxCompute client, we recommend that you read this topic to have an overview of the features provided by MaxCompute. You can click the listed links for each feature to go to the related topics.

You can click a link for a feature to go to the related topic.

Feature Description References
Data migration Data upload and download MaxCompute provides three types of data upload and download channels: Tunnel for batch data uploads and downloads, Streaming Tunnel for streaming data writes, and DataHub for real-time data uploads and downloads. MaxCompute also allows you to upload and download data in a variety of scenarios by using the SDKs provided by DataHub and Tunnel.
Large-scale data migration MaxCompute provides a tool named MaxCompute Migration Assist (MMA) for you to migrate large amounts of data.
Development and analysis Data types MaxCompute supports three data type editions. You can read the references provided to have an understanding of the data types supported by each edition, the use scenarios of each edition, and the differences among these editions. If you use invalid data types, the system may fail to parse data during data development. Data type editions
Common commands You can read the references to have an understanding of the common operations and commands related to tables, resources, functions, and instances. Common SQL statements
Job development MaxCompute provides various computing models, such as SQL, SQLML, PyODPS, MapReduce, Spark, Mars, and Graph to meet diverse development requirements.

MaxCompute provides the external table feature for you to process data that is not stored in the internal tables of MaxCompute.

MaxCompute also provides SDKs and a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interface for you to develop and process large amounts of data.

Job analysis MaxCompute provides the Logview feature and an optimizer to help you identify problems and optimize jobs.
Access control Users, roles, and authorization MaxCompute provides multiple access control methods, such as access control list (ACL)-based authorization, access control for packages, label-based authorization, for you to manage users and roles. MaxCompute provides a comprehensive mechanism to ensure security.
Security management Project and data security MaxCompute provides comprehensive mechanisms, such as dynamic data masking and data encryption, to ensure the security of projects and data.
O&M Resource and job management MaxCompute provides the Information Schema and MaxCompute Management tools for you to manage jobs and resources in a fine-grained manner.