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Elastic IP Address:Associate an EIP with an FTP server

Last Updated:Nov 14, 2023

If you want to use an FTP server for file transfer, you can associate an elastic IP address (EIP) with the FTP server. This topic describes how to associate an EIP with an FTP server in cut-through mode to provide FTP services.


An FTP server that runs Windows is used in this example.

  1. Apply for an EIP and a secondary elastic network interface (ENI).

    For more information, see Apply for an EIP and Create an ENI.

  2. Associate the EIP with the secondary ENI in Cut-through Mode mode.


    Make sure that the secondary ENI is not associated with an ECS instance.

    For more information, see Associate an EIP with a secondary ENI in cut-through mode (not recommended).绑定EIP

  3. Purchase an ECS instance that runs Windows Server 2016 and deploy an FTP server on the ECS instance.

  4. On the Elastic IP Addresses page, find the EIP and click the ID of the secondary ENI in the Associated Instance Type/ID column.

  5. On the details page of the secondary ENI, click Associate Instance. In the Associate Instance dialog box, select the ECS instance where the FTP server is deployed and click OK.


After you complete the preceding steps, you can access FTP services by using the IP address of the EIP associated with the secondary ENI.


Make sure that the security group rules of your ECS instance allow access from the Internet. For more information, see Add security group rules.