Elastic IP Address

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An elastic IP address (EIP) is a public IP address that you can purchase and use as an independent resource.
Experience cloud services in various scenarios.
Use BGP (Multi-ISP) Pro EIPs to access web services with low latency
  • Associate a BGP (Multi-ISP) Pro EIP with an ECS instance in the China (Hong Kong) region. This way, clients in mainland China can access the web service deployed on the ECS instance with low network latency.
Associate multiple EIPs with an ECS instance in NAT mode
  • Associate multiple EIPs with a secondary ENI in NAT mode, and then associate the ENI with an ECS instance.
Bring your public IP address range to Alibaba Cloud
  • Bring your public IP addresses from an on-premises network to Alibaba Cloud. Then, your resources on Alibaba Cloud can use these public IP addresses.
Deploy an FTP server by using an EIP
  • Associate an EIP with an FTP server in EIP cut-through mode. This way, the FTP server is publicly accessible.