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Elastic IP Address:Monitoring and logging

Last Updated:Apr 07, 2024

Monitoring and logging can help you maintain Elastic IP Address (EIP) availability and improve service performance. You can use monitoring services to collect monitoring data. Alibaba Cloud provides a variety of monitoring and auditing services, such as CloudMonitor and Cloud Config. These services can monitor resource usage and service performance in real time, generate alerts, and notify you of anomalies.


Network Intelligence Service (NIS) is a service that facilitates networking, service deployment, and O&M. NIS provides statistics that can help you design your network and troubleshoot network issues.

EIP is integrated with NIS. You can use NIS to diagnose instances and analyze traffic paths.

Instance diagnostics

The instance diagnostics feature can check the configurations and status of EIPs, and provide solutions based on diagnostic results. Diagnostic information includes configurations, capacity utilization, security policies, fees, and Internet connectivity. You can also view previous diagnostic results.

For more information about how to diagnose EIPs and view the diagnostic results, see Diagnose EIPs.

Reachability analyzer

When your service uses an EIP to access the Internet, you can use the reachability analyzer to check Internet connectivity between resources, and troubleshoot based on the results.

For more information about how to use the reachability analyzer for an EIP, see Reachability analyzer.


This feature allows you to troubleshoot EIP issues, such as access failures, access exceptions, quota issues, and unexpected fees. This feature also provides solutions and references based on the results. Your services and instance configurations are not affected during the analysis process.

For more information, see Troubleshooting.

Health status monitoring

We recommend that you keep track of the health status of your Alibaba Cloud resources to handle exceptions at the earliest opportunity. For more information, see Alibaba Cloud Health Status.

On the Alibaba Cloud Health Status page, you can check the health status of each service in different regions and subscribe to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds about service exceptions.



EIP is integrated with CloudMonitor, which can monitor EIPs and collect metric data.

Real-time query of monitoring data

You can check the status and metrics of EIPs in real time. For more information about how to view the monitoring data of an EIP, see View the monitoring data of an EIP.

Threshold-triggered alert rules

You can create threshold-triggered alert rules for EIP metrics. If a metric value reaches the specified threshold, CloudMonitor automatically sends you notifications. This allows you to troubleshoot errors in a timely manner. For more information, see Create a threshold-triggered alert rule.

Cloud Config

EIP is integrated with Cloud Config free of charge. You can use Cloud Config to track resource configurations and configure compliance auditing. Cloud Config can help you evaluate a large number of resources and maintain the continuous compliance of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Config supports only some Alibaba Cloud services. Some of your resources may not be supported. For more information about the EIP resources supported by Cloud Config, see Supported cloud services.

Cloud Config displays your resources that reside in different regions on a list so that you can search for EIPs with high efficiency and view the configurations and configuration change history of your EIPs. For more information, see Overview.

You can deliver EIP configuration changes and compliance violation events to specified Logstores of Simple Log Service in which you can query and analyze log data. For more information, see Deliver resource data to a Logstore in Simple Log Service.


EIP is integrated with ActionTrail, which can monitor and record operations performed by Alibaba Cloud accounts. In addition, ActionTrail can analyze security risks, detect intrusions, track changes, and perform compliance auditing.

ActionTrail can generate logs of cloud service access by using the Alibaba Cloud console, API operations, and developer tools. For more information about the events supported by ActionTrail, see Audit events of VPC.

By default, ActionTrail tracks and retains events within the last 90 days. If you need to retain events for a longer period of time, create a trail that sends events to a Simple Log Service Logstore or an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket. For more information, see Create a trail.

After you create a trail to deliver events to a Logstore of Simple Log Service or an OSS bucket, you can query or analyze the events in the Simple Log Service or OSS console. For more information, see Query events in the Simple Log Service or OSS console.

If you want to analyze or download events within the last 90 days, you can create a historical event delivery task to deliver data to Simple Log Service. For more information, see Create a data backfill task.

Simple Log Service

EIP is integrated with Simple Log Service, which supports fined-grained monitoring and logging.

A large amount of Internet BGP traffic flows through EIPs. Internet BGP traffic requires low network latency and high quality Internet bandwidth. If the Internet bandwidth usage of an EIP reaches 100% but the bandwidth specification is not upgraded, packet loss may occur. As a result, the client performance and user experience are severely degraded. The fine-grained monitoring feature allows you to monitor traffic that flows through an EIP and adjust the bandwidth of an EIP in a timely manner.

Fine-grained monitoring can collect bandwidth data of EIPs, and analyze and deliver the collected data to Simple Log Service in real time.

For more information, see Configure fine-grained monitoring.