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Data Transmission Service:Overview

Last Updated:Nov 04, 2021

After your source database is evaluated and transformed, Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) allows you to transform your applications. However, applications are much more complex than databases, and the application code may be frequently modified by developers. Therefore, transforming applications has become a pain point when users migrate databases to the cloud.ADAM provides the application evaluation and transformation feature to help you transform your applications.

1. Core features

  • Provides application transformation items to migrate databases, call stacks, and SQL statements.

  • Analyzes application usage information, such as framework and performance.

  • Sorts out architectures to migrate large-scale clusters.

2. Process

  1. Collect application information

  2. Create application profiles

  3. Evaluate applications

  4. Perform static application transformation


    If you perform dynamic application migration, complete Steps 1, 2, and 3. If you perform static application migration, skip to Step 4.