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Baseline introduction

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Baseline refers to a collection of stable versions for a series of features and is the basis of further development. While mPaaS is developed on the basis of a specific version of Alipay. Thus, for mPaaS, baseline is the collection of SDK based on the version. With the continuous upgrading of mPaaS, multiple versions for the baseline will be provided.

10.1.68 baseline

Add the following features based on the version 10.1.60:

  • Provide Native AAR access mode, which is closer to native experience.
  • Provide better support for the single component, and provide single component demo.
  • Optimize the size of single component SDK to reduce the general app package size effectively.
  • Split the mini program at a finer granularity, so users can choose according to their needs.
  • Update UC kernel to version 3.0, and provide better performance and higher stability.

For more details, see 10.1.68 release notes.

10.1.60 baseline

Add the following features based on the version 10.1.32:

  • Add the official version of Mini Program. The official version of Mini Program has a complete set of APIs, with greatly improved stability and compatibility. For Mini Program upgrading, see Upgrading instructions for Mini Program. For details about the new features on the mini program IDE including debug, preview and publish, see Mini Program IDE.
  • A significant optimization has been executed on the HTML5 Container generally. This optimization provides a more simplified access process, enhances the capabilities continuously, and improves compatibility and stability greatly. For how to upgrade HTML5 Container and Offline Package, see Upgrade HTML5 Container.
  • The Message Push Service component provides support for OPPO and vivo push.
  • Add management supporting feature to the social sharing component, and provide simplified access process.
  • Add the Mobile Content Delivery Platform component. Mobile Content Delivery Platform provides the ability to personalize advertisement within the app, supports personalized advertisement placement for targeted customers, and helps app operators to reach users accurately and timely. For details, see About Mobile Content Delivery Platform.

For more details, see 10.1.60 release notes.

Select baseline

  • 10.1.68 baseline supports Native AAR access mode officially. If you need to use the Native AAR access mode, please select 10.1.68 baseline.
  • 10.1.60 baseline does not support Native AAR access mode at the moment.