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Mobile Platform as a Service:Quick start

Last Updated:May 17, 2021

Developing a Mini Program usually includes the following steps:

  1. Download IDE
  2. Create a Mini Program
  3. Download configuration file
  4. Create login environment and login to IDE
  5. Select the associated Mini Program
  6. Edit code
  7. Upload Mini Program
  8. Release Mini Program

Download IDE

Go to the Mini Program download center and download the required version of the development tool (IDE).

Create a Mini Program

  1. After downloading and installing the Mini Program IDE, open the IDE, choose Mini Program on the left side menu, and then click the plus icon on the right to add a new project.1
  2. In the Select Target Platform step, choose mPaaS and click Next.Platform
  3. In the Select Template step, choose the mPaaS sample template and click Next.Template

  4. Enter the project name, specify the project path, and click Complete to complete the Mini Program project creation.
    mini name

Download configuration file

Every time you create a new environment, you need to upload the IDE configuration file of the corresponding Mini Program downloaded from the console.

  1. Go to mPaaS console > Mini Program > Release Mini Program > Manage configuration, enter the configuration file downloading page, click Download configuration file in IDE configuration management, and download the Mini Program IDE configuration file.
    Note: The IDE configuration file is different from the configuration file of the mPaaS application.
  2. After clicking Download configuration file, the Download configuration file window will pop up. You need to enter a password in the Dynamic password, which is the login password used when logging in to the IDE later.
    Note: The default name of the downloaded configuration file is config.json.

Create login environment and login to IDE

Create login environment

  1. In the Mini Program IDE, click Login in the upper right.
  2. If the login environment has not been created, the Create environment window will pop up; if the login environment has been created, the login window will pop up.
    • If you are creating a login environment for the first time, enter the environment name in the current window and upload the Mini Program IDE configuration file (config.json file) downloaded from the mPaaS console.
    • If you have created a login environment, click the environment selection menu at the top of the window, and select + Create environment at the bottom of the menu. Enter the environment name and upload the Mini Program IDE configuration file (config.json file) downloaded from the mPaaS console.
  3. Click OK to create a new login environment.

Log in to the IDE

After successfully creating a login environment, in the login window, enter the account and password to log in.

Select the associated Mini Program

After logging in to the IDE, at the top left of the interface, click Select the associated Mini Program, and select the Mini Program created in the console from the drop-down menu.

Edit code

After selecting the associated Mini Program, you can start editing the Mini Program code.

Upload Mini Program

After editing the code, click Upload in the upper right of the IDE interface to upload the Mini Program to the mPaaS console.

Release Mini Program

Go to the mPaaS console > Mini Program > Release Mini Program to release. For details, see Release Mini Program package.