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Mobile Platform as a Service:About Mobile Content Delivery Platform

Last Updated:Mar 31, 2022

Mobile Content Delivery Platform (MCDP) provides personalized advertising capabilities within the app. It supports personalized advertising for target group and helps app operators accurately reach users in time, to achieve the objectives of customer retention, service promotion, and business growth. In addition, MCDP allows you to apply multiple materials in each advertisement delivery. The system performs automatic optimization based on the advertising effect, to provide you with the optimal advertising traffic. No manual intervention is required, reducing the operating costs and effectively improving the marketing effect.


  • Saying goodbye to marketing scheduling

    MCDP is an all-in-one intelligent marketing management platform. It supports the one-stop configuration of activity group, marketing resources, and marketing actions, and provides marketing data dashboards. app operators can complete the marketing process independently, without relying on R&D personnel, to independently create and execute activity plans. And the operation is simple and fast, therefore bidding farewell to the long marketing scheduling.

  • Flexible customization of the audience

    MCDP integrates the user grouping capabilities of the mobile analysis component (MAS), which can lock on the target group of the activity based on the attributes or behavior of the client users. It also supports the manual creation of the group.

  • Supporting high concurrent calls

    MCDP supports 1,000 concurrent calls per second. The server has 4 CPUs and 8 GB memory) to ensure a stable advertisement delivery effect.



The MCDP system framework is shown in the preceding figure. As an all-in-one intelligent marketing management platform, MCDP integrates the creation, execution, management, and feedback of activity. The product functions are as follows:

  • Activity management

    • Provides activity units – two-level management of activities, to support the launch of more flexible and complex marketing activities.

    • Supports the creation of two types of marketing activities: proactive marketing and interactive marketing.

    • Supports adding two kinds of marketing actions, including advertisement delivery and message push, in one activity at the same time.

    • Supports completing the delivery configuration of multiple advertisements in one process, which significantly improves the efficiency of activity configuration.

    • The fatigue strategy that supports delivery and push can protect the user experience, and also provides a foundation for the parallel launch of multiple activities.

    • Supports custom delivery rules to achieve flexible phased delivery.

  • Group management

    You can create target group for activity advertising, or directly call the group of the mobile analysis component, and deliver ads to group filtered based on user behavior or attributes.

  • Booth management

    You can create and manage a booth in a visualized manner and create booths with different styles, positions, heights, and content types without client code, reducing development time and costs. MCDP provides the booth data dashboard to monitor the use of booth resources in real time, so that you can adjust the allocation of the resources.

  • Material management

    Provides a online material library and supports a variety of material types. The materials of advertising needed in marketing activities can be obtained directly by calling resources in the material library, which improves the configuration efficiency of the continuous activity creation process. Labor efficiency is effectively improved through team collaboration.

  • Push management

    Push management is used to configure push fatigue.

  • Activity effect analysis

    Provides T+1 activity marketing data, and evaluates the activity effects from multi-dimensions, helping you learn the marketing situation at a glance.

Application scenarios

  • Proactive marketing

    A bank launches a marketing activity for promotion and user acquisition. The theme of the activity is a discount on each online payment on Wednesday. And the advertisement undergoes a one-year recurring delivery every Wednesday. Different groups, different materials delivered.

    • For the users who have opened an account and have activated the online payment function: prepare activity A, that is, providing users with an X discount on each online payment. The activity content are delivered to users through MCDP advertising (banner advertisements in the middle of the app home page).

    • For the users who have opened an account and have not activated the online payment function: prepare activity B, that is, providing users with three coupons for online payment activation, and offering an X discount on each online payment. The activity content are delivered to users through MCDP advertising (banner advertisements and splash advertisements in the middle of the app home page).

  • Interactive marketing

    For users who have logged in the app in the last month, if the users log in for 3 consecutive days during the activity period, the activity message "Point rewards for active users" will be pushed to them.