This topic describes the data sources supported by DataV for you to develop projects.

Log on to the DataV console, and click the Data Sources tab. On the tab that appears, you can centrally manage the accessed data sources.

The following table describes the data sources supported by DataV.

Data source type Data source Description

If you are not in an Alibaba Cloud region or if you are not using an Alibaba Cloud database and want to use a user-created database, you must use the public IP address of the database for connection. DataV does not support IP address whitelists. If you are concerned about security issues, you can use the proxy tool provided by Alibaba Cloud. For more information, see Use DataV Proxy.

AnalyticDB for MySQL None.
RDS for MySQL None.
RDS for PostgreSQL None.
RDS for SQLServer None.
TableStore None.
Oracle None.
MySQL-compatible database None.
OSS None.
Note DataV cannot read large data files from other file stores.
CSV files None.
Static JSON None.
API operations OpenAPI None.
Other data sources DataV Proxy

The DataV Proxy service is an open-source database proxy service that can be deployed on ECS instances. This service reduces the risks that may arise from exposing the public IP addresses of your databases.

For more information about how to deploy the DataV Proxy service, see Use DataV Proxy.

Log Service None.