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Cloud Backup:Get started with SAP HANA backup

Last Updated:Feb 20, 2024

In the Cloud Backup console, you can back up SAP HANA databases that are deployed on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. This topic describes the steps required for this scenario.

The following procedure shows how to back up an SAP HANA database deployed on an ECS instance in the Cloud Backup console.


You must obtain the host address, instance number, username, and password of the source SAP HANA instance from the SAP HANA administrator. Cloud Backup registers the SAP HANA instance based on the preceding information.

  1. Activate Cloud Backup

    You are not charged for activating Cloud Backup. You are charged for the Cloud Backup client that you use to back up SAP HANA databases. You are also charged for backup vaults based on the storage space occupied by the data that is deduplicated and compressed. For more information, see Billing methods and billable items.

  2. Register an SAP HANA instance

    Register an SAP HANA instance in the Cloud Backup console. Cloud Backup automatically installs a backup client on the ECS instance that hosts the SAP HANA instance.

  3. Set backup parameters

    To ensure that your SAP HANA database can be backed up as expected, Cloud Backup allows you to configure parameters that are related to Backint, Catalog, and log backup.

  4. Back up an SAP HANA database

    When you create a backup plan, configure the backup vault, data source, backup cycle, retention period, and backup policies (such as full backup and incremental backup). Cloud Backup starts the backup plan and continuously backs up data from the specified SAP HANA database.

  5. Restore an SAP HANA database

    If an exception occurs, you can restore the SAP HANA database based on the data that has been backed up. The following restoration methods are supported: