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Application Real-Time Monitoring Service:Basic Edition

Last Updated:Apr 01, 2024

This topic describes the billing of Browser Monitoring Basic Edition.

Application Monitoring Basic Edition and Browser Monitoring Basic Edition have stopped activation, and will no longer provide technical support from March 31, 2024. For more information, see [Billing changes] Discontinuation of Application Monitoring Basic Edition and Browser Monitoring Basic Edition activation.


Billing rules

Billable items include page views (PVs), API calls, and custom data entries that are reported.

The data reporting fee is calculated based on the following formula:

Data reporting fee = Daily reporting traffic × Resource plan unit price × Number of days


  • Daily reporting traffic = PVs per day + Number of reported API calls per day × 0.1 + Number of reported custom data entries.

  • Resource plan unit price = USD 0.00444/1,000 reported data entries.


    The unit price of the resource plan is applicable only to the Chinese mainland. The unit prices in all regions outside the Chinese mainland are 1.4 times higher than those in China.

Take the China (Hangzhou) region as an example:

Assume that 2 million PVs, 20 million API calls, and 0.2 million custom data entries are reported on average per day. The monthly reporting traffic and fee are calculated based on the following formulas:

Traffic = (2 million + 20 million × 0.1 + 0.2 million) × 30 = 126 million

Fee = 126 million × 0.00444/1,000 = USD 559.44


For information about the features supported by Browser Monitoring Basic Edition, see Edition comparison.


You can upgrade Browser Monitoring Basic Edition to the Pro Edition. After the upgrade, you are charged based on the billing rules of the Pro Edition. For information about the billing of the Pro Edition, see Pro Edition.