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Application Real-Time Monitoring Service:Pro Edition

Last Updated:May 14, 2024

Browser Monitoring Pro Edition of Application Real-time Monitoring Service (ARMS) supports resource plans and the pay-as-you-go billing method. This topic describes the billing of Browser Monitoring Pro Edition.



Billable items include page views (PVs), API calls, and custom data entries that are reported.

Daily reporting traffic = PVs per day + Number of reported API calls per day × 0.1 + Number of reported custom data entries.

Resource plans

The Pro Edition provides the following resource plans. You can purchase resource plans on the Browser Monitoring buy page.


Price in the Chinese mainland

Price outside the Chinese mainland

Validity period

2 million data entries within the validity period

USD 62.10

Unit price: USD 0.031/1,000 data entries

USD 86.93

Unit price: USD 0.043/1,000 data entries

Six months

16 million data entries within the validity period

USD 372.57

Unit price: USD 0.023/1,000 data entries

USD 521.60

Unit price: USD 0.033/1,000 data entries

One year

128 million data entries within the validity period

USD 2,235.43

Unit price: USD 0.017/1,000 data entries

USD 3,129.6

Unit price: USD 0.024/1,000 data entries

One year

  1. If you need to use resource plans, you must activate the Pro Edition first. If you are using the Basic Edition, you cannot use resource plans.

  2. If your Alibaba Cloud account has multiple resource plans, Browser Monitoring offsets quotas from the resource plans in chronological order based on the expiration time. If the quotas of the resource plans are used up, you are charged for the excess resource usage based on the pay-as-you-go billing method.

  3. By default, the reported data entries are stored for 30 days.


Pay-as-you-go unit prices of 1,000 data entries in different regions:

  • Chinese mainland: USD 0.04140

  • Regions outside the Chinese mainland: USD 0.05800

Activate the Pro Edition

You can activate Browser Monitoring Pro Edition on the Overview page of the ARMS console.