ApsaraMQ for Kafka provides fully managed connectors to synchronize data between ApsaraMQ for Kafka and other Alibaba Cloud services. You do not need to perform O&M operations on these connectors. This topic describes the types of connectors and the procedure and limits of using connectors. This topic also describes how to use connectors to synchronize data between services in different regions.

Important The connector feature of ApsaraMQ for Kafka is in public preview. This feature is independent of ApsaraMQ for Kafka instances. You are not charged on the ApsaraMQ for Kafka side when you use a connector to synchronize data between Message Queue for Apache Kafka and another Alibaba Cloud service. Alibaba Cloud does not provide a service level agreement (SLA) for the connector feature. For information about the SLAs and pricings of other required services, see the documentation of the related services.

Types of connectors

ApsaraMQ for Kafka provides two types of connectors:


To use a connector, perform the following steps:

  1. Enable the connector feature
  2. Create a connector
  3. Manage a connector


The following table lists the limits of ApsaraMQ for Kafka on connectors.

QuantityYou can create up to 20 connectors for a Message Queue for Apache Kafka instance. You can create multiple connector tasks to export data from the same Message Queue for Apache Kafka instance to different services.
RegionThe connector feature is unavailable in some regions. For more information, see Supported regions.

Synchronize data across regions

If you need to use a connector to synchronize data between Alibaba Cloud services that are deployed in different regions over the Internet, you must enable Internet access for the connector. For more information, see Enable Internet access for a connector.

Note If you need to use MySQL source connectors to synchronize data across regions, you must activate Cloud Enterprise Network. For more information, see Create a MySQL source connector.