Before you call the Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) API as a Resource Access Management (RAM) user, make sure that you are granted the required permissions by the Alibaba Cloud account. In a permission policy, you must use an Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN) to specify the resource that the RAM user is allowed to access. This topic describes how to define a resource or an API operation in a permission policy.

By default, you can use your Alibaba Cloud account or a RAM user to manage your CDN resources in the CDN console or by calling API operations. Specific permissions are required in the following scenarios:
  • A newly created RAM user does not have permissions to manage the CDN resources that belong to your Alibaba Cloud account.
  • Before you can manage a resource, you must be granted the required permissions on the resource and the relevant API operations by the resource owner.

When another Alibaba Cloud account attempts to access CDN resources that belong to your Alibaba Cloud account by calling API operations, Alibaba Cloud CDN instructs RAM to check whether the Alibaba Cloud account has the required permissions. Required permissions vary based on the requested CDN resources and API operations. For more information about how to grant permissions, see the RAM documents and API references.

For more information about how to manage Alibaba Cloud CDN as a RAM user, see Manage Alibaba Cloud CDN as a RAM user.

For more information about how to use RAM to create custom permission policies for Alibaba Cloud CDN, see Use RAM to manage CDN permissions.

For more information about how to authorize a RAM user to prefetch and refresh resources, see Authorize a RAM user to prefetch and refresh resources.

Supported resources

The following table describes the CDN resources that can be defined in permission policies.
Note $accountid represents the ID of the Alibaba Cloud account. You can use an asterisk (*) to specify all account IDs.
Resource type Syntax Description
service acs:cdn:*:$accountid:* Authorizes RAM users to manage the CDN service, for example, to change the specifications and query account information.
domain acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName Authorizes RAM users to manage accelerated domain names, for example, to add, configure, and query domain names.

$domainName specifies a specific domain name. You can use an asterisk (*) in the expression to specify a wildcard domain name, such as *

You can append an asterisk (*) to the end of the expression, such as acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*, to specify all domain names.


Supported CDN API operations

The following table describes the API operations of Alibaba Cloud CDN that can be defined in permission policies.

API operation Syntax
OpenCdnService acs:cdn:*:$accountid:*
DescribeCdnService acs:cdn:*:$accountid:*
ModifyCdnService acs:cdn:*:$accountid:*
DescribeUserDomains acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeCdnDomainDetail acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName
AddCdnDomain acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
StartCdnDomain acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName
StopCdnDomain acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName
DeleteCdnDomain acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName
RefreshObjectCaches acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName
PushObjectCache acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName
DescribeRefreshTasks acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeRefreshQuota acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
ForbidLiveStream acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/$domainName
DescribeDomainBpsData acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeDomainSrcBpsData acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeDomainHitRateData acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeDomainQpsData acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeDomainHttpCodeData acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeDomainsUsageByDay acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeCdnDomainLogs acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*
DescribeIpInfo acs:cdn:*:$accountid:domain/*