The following are CEN APIs.

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API Description
CreateCen  Create a CEN instance.
ModifyCenAttribute Modify the name and description of a CEN instance.
DeleteCen Delete a CEN instance.
DescribeCens Query CEN instances.
AttachCenChildInstance Attach a network (VPC or VBR) to a CEN instance.
GrantInstanceToCen  Authorize CEN to attach the network that belongs to another account.
RevokeInstanceFromCen  Cancel the authorization of a network to a CEN instance.
DescribeCenAttachedChildInstances Query the networks attached to a CEN instance.
DescribeGrantRulesToCen Query the networks that have been authorized to CEN.
DetachCenChildInstance  Detach a network (VPC or VBR) from a CEN instance.
CreateCenBandwidthPackage Create a bandwidth package.
AssociateCenBandwidthPackage  Bind a bandwidth package to a specified CEN instance.
UnassociateCenBandwidthPackage Unbind a bandwidth package from a CEN instance.
DescribeCenBandwidthPackages Query the purchased bandwidth packages.
ModifyCenBandwidthPackageAttribute Modify the name and description of a bandwidth package.
ModifyCenBandwidthPackageSpec Modify a bandwidth package.
SetCenInterRegionBandwidthLimit Configure the cross-regional interconnection bandwidth.
DescribeCenInterRegionBandwidthLimits  Query the cross-regional interconnection bandwidths set for different regions.
DescribeGeographicRegionMembership  Query the regions in a specified area.
SetCenInterRegionBandwidthLimit  Configure the cross-regional interconnection bandwidth.