This topic lists available APIs for Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

CEN instance APIs

API Description
CreateCen Creates a CEN instance.
ModifyCenAttribute Modifies the name and description of a CEN instance.
DescribeCens Views the details of all CEN instances under your account.
DeleteCen Deletes a CEN instance.
AttachCenChildInstance Attaches a network instance to a CEN instance.
DescribeCenAttachedChildInstanceAttribute Views the details of network instances (such as VPC, VBR, and CCN) attached to the CEN instance.
DescribeCenAttachedChildInstances Views the network instances attached to the CEN instance.
DetachCenChildInstance Detaches a network instance from a CEN instance.
DescribeGrantRulesToCen Views the permissions that a network instance grants to a CEN instance.
DescribeChildInstanceRegions Queries the regions of the network instances of the same network type.

Bandwidth package APIs

API Description
CreateCenBandwidthPackage Creates a bandwidth package.
AssociateCenBandwidthPackage Associates a bandwidth package with a CEN instance.
UnassociateCenBandwidthPackage Disassociates a bandwidth package from a CEN instance. After you disassociate a bandwidth package from a CEN instance, you can associate the bandwidth package to another CEN instance.
DescribeCenBandwidthPackages Views all bandwidth packages under an account.
ModifyCenBandwidthPackageAttribute Modifies the name and description of a bandwidth package.
ModifyCenBandwidthPackageSpec Modifies the bandwidth value of a bandwidth package.
DescribeCenGeographicSpanRemainingBandwidth Queries the remaining available bandwidth of a bandwidth package.
DeleteCenBandwidthPackage Deletes a bandwidth package.
DescribeCenGeographicSpans Queries the connected areas.

Cross-region connection bandwidth APIs

API Description
SetCenInterRegionBandwidthLimit Sets the connection bandwidth across two regions in a bandwidth package.
DescribeCenInterRegionBandwidthLimits Queries the cross-region connection bandwidth among different regions.
DescribeGeographicRegionMembership Views all regions in an area.

Route management APIs

API Description
DescribeCenRegionDomainRouteEntries Queries the route entries of a CEN instance in a region.
DescribeRouteConflict Views conflicting route entries in a VRouter or VBR.
PublishRouteEntries Publishes the route entries of a VPC or VBR to the attached CEN instance.
DescribePublishedRouteEntries Queries the published routes of a VPC or VBR attached to a CEN instance.
WithdrawPublishedRouteEntries Withdraws the routes that have been published to CEN in a VPC or VBR network instance.
DescribeCenChildInstanceRouteEntries Queries the routes of a network instance.

Health check APIs

API Description
EnableCenVbrHealthCheck Enables the health check function of a VBR to ensure timely detection of faulty physical connections.
DescribeCenVbrHealthCheck Queries the health check status of the physical connections in a region.
DisableCenVbrHealthCheck Disables the health check function of a VBR.

Flow log APIs

API Description
CreateFlowlog Creates a flow log.
ModifyFlowLogAttribute Modifies the name and description of a flow log.
DescribeFlowlogs Queries one or more flow logs.
ActiveFlowLog Starts a flow log. After a flow log is started, the traffic information of the specified cloud resource starts to be collected.
DeactiveFlowLog Stops a flow log. After a flow log is stopped, the traffic information of the specified cloud resource is no longer collected.
DeleteFlowlog Deletes a flow log.

Route map APIs

API Description
CreateCenRouteMap Creates a route map.
DescribeCenRouteMaps Queries the route maps of a CEN instance.
ModifyCenRouteMap Modifies a route map.
DeleteCenRouteMap Deletes a route map.

Cloud service APIs

API Description
DeleteRouteServiceInCen Deletes the access settings of a cloud service.
DescribeRouteServicesInCen Queries the access settings of cloud services.
ResolveAndRouteServiceInCen Adds cloud service access settings.

PrivateZone APIs

API Description
RoutePrivateZoneInCenToVpc Sets PrivateZone.
DescribeCenPrivateZoneRoutes Queries PrivateZone.
UnroutePrivateZoneInCenToVpc Deletes PrivateZone.