The following tables list API operations available for use in Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

CEN instances

API Description
CreateCen Creates a CEN instance.
DescribeCens Queries detailed information about CEN instances under the current account.
ModifyCenAttribute Modifies the name and description of a CEN instance.
DeleteCen Deletes a CEN instance.
AttachCenChildInstance Attaches a network instance to a CEN instance.
DetachCenChildInstance Detaches a network instance from a CEN instance.
DescribeCenAttachedChildInstances Queries the network instances that are attached to a CEN instance.
DescribeGrantRulesToCen Queries the network instances that you are authorized to attach to a CEN instance.
DescribeCenAttachedChildInstanceAttribute Queries detailed information about the network instances (VPCs, VBRs and CCN instances) that are attached to a CEN instance.
GrantInstanceToCen Grants permissions to a CEN instance.
RevokeInstanceFromCen Revokes the permissions that are granted to a CEN instance.
DescribeChildInstanceRegions Queries the regions where network instances can be attached to a CEN instance.

Bandwidth plans

API Description
CreateCenBandwidthPackage Creates a bandwidth plan.
ModifyCenBandwidthPackageAttribute Modifies the name and description of a bandwidth plan.
ModifyCenBandwidthPackageSpec Modifies the maximum bandwidth of a bandwidth plan.
AssociateCenBandwidthPackage Associates a bandwidth plan with a CEN instance.
UnassociateCenBandwidthPackage Disassociates a bandwidth plan from a CEN instance. After a bandwidth plan is disassociated from a CEN instance, you can associate the bandwidth plan with another CEN instance.
DescribeCenGeographicSpanRemainingBandwidth Queries the unused bandwidth of a bandwidth plan.
DescribeCenBandwidthPackages Queries detailed information about bandwidth plans under the current account.
DeleteCenBandwidthPackage Deletes a bandwidth plan.
DescribeCenGeographicSpans Queries connected regions.

Bandwidth for cross-region connections

API Description
DescribeCenInterRegionBandwidthLimits Queries the bandwidth for cross-region connections.
DescribeGeographicRegionMembership Queries regions in a specified area.
SetCenInterRegionBandwidthLimit Sets the bandwidth for intercommunication between two regions.

Route management

API Description
DescribeCenRegionDomainRouteEntries Queries the routes of a CEN instance in a specified region.
DescribeRouteConflict Queries the conflicting routes of a router. The router can be a VRouter or virtual border router (VBR).
PublishRouteEntries Advertises routes of an attached virtual private cloud (VPC) or VBR to a CEN instance.
DescribePublishedRouteEntries Queries whether routes from network instances (VPCs and VBRs) attached to a CEN instance are advertised.
WithdrawPublishedRouteEntries Withdraws routes of a VPC or VBR from a CEN instance.
DescribeCenChildInstanceRouteEntries Queries routes of a network instance that is attached to a CEN instance.

Health checks

API Description
EnableCenVbrHealthCheck Enables health checks for a VBR to detect malfunctioning leased lines.
DisableCenVbrHealthCheck Disables health checks for a VBR.
DescribeCenVbrHealthCheck Queries the status of health checks for a leased line in a specified region.

Flow logs

API Description
ActiveFlowLog Enables the flow log feature for a CEN instance. After the flow log feature is enabled, you can create flow logs to capture traffic in the CEN instance.
DeactiveFlowLog Disables the flow log feature for a CEN instance. After the flow log feature is disabled, the system stops capturing traffic in the CEN instance.
DeleteFlowlog Deletes a flow log.
CreateFlowlog Creates a flow log.
DescribeFlowlogs Queries flow logs.
ModifyFlowLogAttribute Modifies the name and description of a flow log.

Route maps

API Description
CreateCenRouteMap Creates a route map for a CEN instance.
DescribeCenRouteMaps Queries route maps of a CEN instance.
ModifyCenRouteMap Modifies a route map of a CEN instance.
DeleteCenRouteMap Deletes a route map from a CEN instance.


API Description
UnroutePrivateZoneInCenToVpc Deletes a PrivateZone.
RoutePrivateZoneInCenToVpc Sets a PrivateZone.
DescribeCenPrivateZoneRoutes Queries a PrivateZone.


API Description
UntagResources Removes tags from CEN instances.
TagResources Adds tags to CEN instances.
ListTagResources Queries tags that are added to a CEN instance.