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Cloud Enterprise Network:TempUpgradeCenBandwidthPackageSpec

Last Updated:Apr 11, 2023

Temporarily upgrades a subscription bandwidth plan of a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance.

Operation Description

Subscription bandwidth plans support temporary upgrades. You can increase the bandwidth limit of a bandwidth plan within a specified time window. This way, you can manage your bandwidth to handle traffic spikes in a more efficient manner.

The minimum time window for a temporary upgrade is 3 hours. The bandwidth plan is upgraded immediately after you complete the payment. The upgrade process does not interrupt workloads.

NoteAfter the specified time window ends, the bandwidth limit of the subscription bandwidth plan is reset to the original value. If the bandwidth required by your workloads is higher than this value, packets may be discarded due to network traffic throttling. We recommend that you set a proper time window for the temporary upgrade and make sure that the bandwidth limit meets your business requirements.
  • The temporary upgrade feature is unavailable by default. If you need to use this feature, contact your account manager.
  • Expired subscription bandwidth plans and pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans do not support temporary upgrades.
  • TempUpgradeCenBandwidthPackageSpec is an asynchronous operation. After you send a request, the system returns a request ID and performs the operation in the system background. You can call the DescribeCenBandwidthPackages operation to query the specification of a bandwidth plan. If the maximum bandwidth value of the bandwidth plan is set to the specified value, the bandwidth plan is upgraded.

Authorization information

The following table shows the authorization information corresponding to the API. The authorization information can be used in the Action policy element to grant a RAM user or RAM role the permissions to call this API operation. Description:

  • Operation: the value that you can use in the Action element to specify the operation on a resource.
  • Access level: the access level of each operation. The levels are read, write, and list.
  • Resource type: the type of the resource on which you can authorize the RAM user or the RAM role to perform the operation. Take note of the following items:
    • The required resource types are displayed in bold characters.
    • If the permissions cannot be granted at the resource level, All Resources is used in the Resource type column of the operation.
  • Condition Key: the condition key that is defined by the cloud service.
  • Associated operation: other operations that the RAM user or the RAM role must have permissions to perform to complete the operation. To complete the operation, the RAM user or the RAM role must have the permissions to perform the associated operations.
OperationAccess levelResource typeCondition keyAssociation operation
  • CEN

Request parameters


The ID of the bandwidth plan.


The maximum bandwidth value to which you want to upgrade the bandwidth plan. Unit: Mbit/s.

Valid values: 2 to 10000.


The time when the temporary upgrade ends.

Specify the time in the ISO 8601 standard in the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ format. The time must be in UTC.


Response parameters


The ID of the request.



Sample success responses


  "RequestId": "DB0A026C-A8E5-40AB-977E-3A87DD78F694"

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the Service error codes.

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