Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) is a platform as a service (PaaS) service for application hosting and microservice management, providing full-stack solutions such as application development, deployment, monitoring, and O&M. It supports Dubbo, Spring Cloud, and other microservice runtime environments, helping you easily migrate applications to Alibaba Cloud.

Microservice solution

EDAS supports three mainstream microservice frameworks: High-speed Service Framework (HSF), Apache Dubbo, and Spring Cloud. HSF is an efficient built-in microservice framework that has been tested by Alibaba Double 11 Shopping Festivals. It is incubated with best practices in many Alibaba business scenarios. EDAS supports Apache Dubbo and Spring Cloud. With zero code intrusion, you can migrate Apache Dubbo and Spring Cloud applications to Alibaba Cloud, effectively reducing O&M costs. EDAS supports multiple advanced features such as phased release and throttling, helping you easily build microservice-oriented applications on Alibaba Cloud.

  • Rapid application construction based on a mature microservice framework: You can build microservice-oriented applications on Alibaba Cloud by using Alibaba's time-tested HSF.
  • Migration of Apache Dubbo and Spring Cloud applications to Alibaba Cloud: You do not need to build microservice dependencies such as ZooKeeper, Eureka, and Consul, greatly reducing O&M costs.
  • Enterprise orientation: EDAS provides advanced enterprise-level features such as phased release, throttling, and environment isolation.

Application hosting solution

The application hosting solution saves you the trouble of logging on each server to deploy it. Simply by logging on to the EDAS console, you can quickly deploy applications through WAR packages, JAR packages, or images, and then manage applications anytime, anywhere. For example, you can create, deploy, start, roll back, scale in, scale out, and delete applications.

  • More cost-effective than building on-premises clusters independently: No server purchase is required. You only pay for your usage of CPU and memory resources.
  • Significant reduction in O&M costs: No IaaS O&M or cluster O&M is required, greatly reducing related human resources.
  • Application lifecycle management: You can visually manage the application lifecycle to know the application running status.

Containerized application hosting solution

EDAS allows you to manage containerized applications and seamlessly interconnect with Container Service for Kubernetes, without having to know the underlying details of Container Service. You can manage the lifecycle of applications in containers in the EDAS console. For example, you can monitor and diagnose applications. You can easily use new container technologies and maximize resource utilization.

  • Seamless support for Kubernetes: After hosting Kubernetes clusters to EDAS, you only need to focus on application lifecycle management.
  • Optimal combination of containers and microservices: You can quickly build a containerized microservice architecture based on Kubernetes.
  • No image build required: You can deploy applications through WAR and JAR packages. EDAS automatically builds images and deploys applications in Kubernetes clusters. This simplifies the deployment process and improves ease of use.