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What is EDAS

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) is a PaaS platform involving applications and microservices. It provides a variety of application release capabilities and lightweight microservice solutions that help you solve monitoring, diagnosis, and high-availability O&M issues in your application and service management processes.

Fully utilizing the existing resource and service management systems of Alibaba Cloud, EDAS provides functions such as distributed service frameworks, service governance, centralized configuration management, distributed link tracing, high availability, and data-driven operations.The features have been rigorously tested by core E-commerce platforms at Alibaba Group for many years.

EDAS allows you to easily build the microservice architecture, publish and manage applications, digitally analyze the application monitoring status, and construct distributed systems.EDAS assists you in IT system transformation to meet increasing business needs.

Application publishing and management

Application release and management can become complicated in cloud environments. You need to log on to each server to deploy and publish locally-developed applications. You may also need to add, delete, modify, query, scale up, and scale down the applications in the whole lifecycle. More and more O&M personnel must be allocated for a growing number of servers, bringing huge costs for and many obstacles to business development of your company.

For this scenario, EDAS provides a visual console that allows you to easily publish applications and perform full-lifecycle management on the console regardless of the size of the cluster.

Digital analysis of application monitoring status

After developing and deploying an application in the production environment, you often need to monitor the running status of the application, including CPU usage, instance workload, memory usage, and network traffic.However, this type of basic monitoring cannot meet all business needs. For example, you can neither identify the bottleneck when the system runs slow nor troubleshoot when an error occurs upon opening a page.

To address these challenges, EDAS provides a series of digital operation components, which allow you to precisely monitor and trace every single component or service in the distributed system and pinpoint the bottleneck quickly.

Distributed system

The transformation from a centralized system to a distributed system brings many challenges to distributed systems, for example, consistency dependency, middleware O&M, and troubleshooting.

EDAS supports multiple mainstream RPC frameworks and their extension, such as Dubbo, Spring Cloud, and HSF. It has been proven to have outstanding performance and stability by the internal systems and key events of Alibaba, such as Double 11 Shopping Festival. EDAS allows you to focus on business development by considering various technical details, such as distributed service discovery, service routing, service calling, and service security.In addition, EDAS provides high-availability and low-cost middleware services, freeing you from the tedious work of middleware O&M, and saving your time and labor costs.EDAS also provides a sound full-link tracing and monitoring solution that allows you to quickly locate the problem of your application, reducing the loss therefrom.

Closed-loop R&D and O&M system

With the rising of Internet+, the integrated innovation of “technology + industry” has become the core strategy for industrial transformation. The finance + technology mode makes Zhong An Insurance, Tianhong Asset Management, MYbank, and other innovative financial enterprises become the benchmark for industrial transformation. To better support business innovation, how to construct the shared business middle offices of enterprises and how to support the efficiency improvement of R&D projects in the Internet architecture become two core challenges of enterprises.

EDAS for DevOps is a leading all-in-one R&D efficiency platform in the industry, which enables 24h integration and delivery with project management processes and automated efficiency improvement tools.

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As a key product of the Alibaba distributed service architecture, EDAS provides a great variety of features ranging from application lifecycle management to service maintenance management. For feature descriptions of EDAS, see Features.

For EDAS-related terminology, see Terminology.