Performance comparison

Item ApsaraDB for RDS Local databases
Service availability 99.95% You need to manually build master-slave replication and RAID.
Data reliability 99.9999% You need to manually build master-slave replication and RAID.
System security DDoS protection, traffic cleaning, timely repair of various database security vulnerabilities You need to deploy your database at high costs and repair database security vulnerabilities yourself.
Database backup Automatic backup Independent backups are possible, but you have to find storage space for backup and regularly validate whether the backup data can be recovered.
Software and hardware investment Pay as you go, with no software and hardware investment Database servers are rather costly and the licensing fees for SQL Server have to be paid.
System hosting No hosting fee A single 2U server costs more than RMB 5,000 RMB/year (more than 10,000 RMB/year for master and slave servers, if needed).
Maintenance cost Maintenance not needed Professional DBAs have to be hired, resulting in high labor cost.
Deployment and resizing Instant activation, fast deployment, automatic resizing Hardware procurement, data center hosting, and host deployment, and other tasks are time-consuming.
Resource utilization rate Charged based on actual usage, resulting in 100% utilization. Resource utilization is low because there are peak and off-peak hours.

Price comparison

Item ApsaraDB for RDS Local databases
Costs of hardware, spare parts, and accessories Take the following instance type as an example: An instance with the memory of 1,200 MB and storage space of 50 GB (IOPS is up to 600) costs 2,040 RMB/year.
  • A minimum of 2 servers are required for a database cluster, and a single server whose IOPS is up to 600 costs approximately 6,000 RMB.
  • An intranet switch is used to connect the front-end Web server (an inexpensive 1U non-NMS switch costs about 1,000 RMB). Later hardware damages and replacements take at least 30% of the cost.
  • Hardware cost: (6,000 x 2 + 1,000) x 130% = 16,900 RMB

    Annual hardware cost: 16,900 RMB/3= 5,633 RMB (the cost of hardware is calculated over a 3-year depreciation period)

Data center hosting fee It is service provider’s responsibilities, and no hosting fee is required. The hosting fee for a 1U cabinet is 3,000 RMB/year, and hosting fees for two 1U servers and a 1U intranet switch are charged.  Data center hosting fees: 3,000 x 3 = 9,000 RMB
Bandwidth fee Communication between ECS and ApsaraDB for RDS in the same region is available through the intranet with no cost.  However, communication between ECS and ApsaraDB for RDS across different regions is available over the Internet with a certain cost for Internet traffic. For more information, see Pricing. Available only in the intranet with no cost for Internet traffic.
Cost of database maintenance engineers There is no labor cost because database maintenance is taken care of by a service provider. The monthly salary for an entry-level DBA engineer is at least 5,000 RMB. If 30% workload for a full-time engineer is needed for the current project: Labor cost: 5,000 x 12 x 30% = 18,000 RMB
Total annual cost 2,040 RMB/year 32,633 RMB/year