Collection methods

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2017

LogHub supports the collection of client logs, Web pages, Syslog servers, and SDKs/APIs (mobile devices and games) in the following means.

  • Through Agents (such as Logtail and Logstash): You only need to do simple configurations to collect logs on servers, no need to modify any application code.
  • Through the Tracking function: You can collect data on HTML, H5, iOS, and Android platforms. To write logs in the Tracking mode, you must first activate the Tracking function on the Logstore.
  • Through programming: LogHub provides SDKs in multiple languages (Java/.NET/PHP/Python).
  • Through RESTful APIs

Note: By whatever means, the server only accepts logs with the Time field value in the range of [current time - 7 days, current time + 15 minutes]. For details, refer to PostLogStoreLogs.


Through SDK/API

  • API
  • Java
    • LogHub Producer Library: High concurrency write operations on the client.
    • Log4J Appender: Log4J Appender packaged based on the Producer Library.
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Go
  • Native C
  • NodeJs: Please submit a ticket.
  • C++: Please submit a ticket.

Cloud product log access

  • Elastic Compute Service (ECS) logs
  • Container Service logs
  • Object Storage Service (OSS) logs
  • Message and Notification Service (MNS) logs

Device logs

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