This topic describes the cloud services and events that ActionTrail supports.

Elastic computing

Service name Service alias
Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Ecs
Auto Scaling Ess
Container Service CS
Container Registry cr
Simple Application Server SWAS
Batch Compute BatchCompute
Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) EHPC
Web App Service WebPlus
Elastic Container Instance (ECI) Eci


Service name Service alias
Apsara File Storage NAS NAS

Object Storage Service (OSS)

Note ActionTrail only supports tracking bucket management events for OSS. For more information, see Events.


Intelligent Media Management IMM


Service name Service alias
ApsaraDB for RDS Rds
Data Transmission Service (DTS) Dts
HybridDB for PostgreSQL gpdb
ApsaraDB for Redis R-kvstore
Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) Drds
ApsaraDB for MongoDB Dds
Tablestore Ots
AnalyticDB for MySQL ADS
ApsaraDB for Hbase HBase


Service name Service alias
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Vpc
NAT Gateway Vpc
Elastic IP Address Vpc
Express Connect Vpc
Global Accelerator Vpc
Cloud Enterprise Network Cen
Server Load Balancer (SLB) Slb
Smart Access Gateway Smartag



Media services and CDN

Service name Service alias
ApsaraVideo VOD vod
ApsaraVideo Live live
ApsaraVideo Media Processing Mts
Dynamic Route for CDN DCDN
Edge Node Service (ENS) ENS

Domains and hosting

Service name Service alias
Domains Domain/Domain-intl
Alibaba Cloud DNS Alidns

Application services

Service name Service alias
API Gateway CloudAPI
Blockchain as a Service Baas


Service name Service alias
Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ Ons
Message Queue for Apache Kafka AliKafka
Application Configuration Management (ACM) ACM

Cloud communications

Service name Service alias
Short Message Service Dysms
Short Message Service APIs Dysmsapi


Service name Service alias

Anti-DDoS Premium


Anti-DDoS Pro


Web Application Firewall Waf
Web Application Firewall APIs waf-openapi
Server Guard aegis
Cloud Firewall Cloudfw
Website Threat Inspector avds
SSL Certificates Service cas
Security Center Sas
Content Moderation Green
Fraud Detection SAF

Big data

Service name Service alias
E-MapReduce Emr
QuickBI quickbi
DataWorks DataWorks
Elasticsearch ElasticSearch

Internet of Things

Service name Service alias
IoT Platform IoT

Management and monitoring

Service name Service alias
Cloud Monitor Cms
Resource Access Management (RAM) Ram
Identity Management Service Ims
Account Logon Aas
Cloud Account Logon AasCustomer
RAM User Logon AasSub
Security Token Service Sts
Resource Management ResourceManager
ActionTrail Actiontrail
Cloud Config Config
Resource Orchestration Service ROS
Key Management Service Kms

Membership service

Service name Service alias
Billing Management APIs BssOpenApi


Event type Event name
Account-related events
  • Unusual logon with an Alibaba Cloud account
  • Password resetting for an Alibaba Cloud account

OSS bucket management events

  • DeleteBucket
  • DeleteBucketCors
  • DeleteBucketEncryption
  • DeleteBucketEventNotification
  • DeleteBucketInventory
  • DeleteBucketLifecycle
  • DeleteBucketLog
  • DeleteBucketNotification
  • DeleteBucketPolicy
  • DeleteBucketQoSInfo
  • DeleteBucketReplication
  • DeleteBucketTagging
  • DeleteBucketWebSite
  • DeleteBucketWebSite
  • GetBucketAcl
  • GetBucketCors
  • GetBucketEncryption
  • GetBucketEventNotification
  • GetBucketInfo
  • GetBucketInventory
  • GetBucketLifecycle
  • GetBucketLocation
  • GetBucketLog
  • GetBucketMimeType
  • GetBucketNotification
  • GetBucketPolicy
  • GetBucketQoSInfo
  • GetBucketReferer
  • GetBucketReplication
  • GetBucketReplicationLocation
  • GetBucketReplicationProgress
  • GetBucketRequestPayment
  • GetBucketStat
  • GetBucketTagging
  • GetBucketTransferAcceleration
  • GetBucketUserQos
  • GetBucketVersioning
  • GetBucketVersions
  • GetBucketWebSite
  • GetBucketWorm
  • PutBucket
  • PutBucketCors
  • PutBucketEncryption
  • PutBucketEventNotification
  • PutBucketHash
  • PutBucketInventory
  • PutBucketLifecycle
  • PutBucketLog
  • PutBucketNotification
  • PutBucketPolicy
  • PutBucketQoSInfo
  • PutBucketReferer
  • PutBucketReplication
  • PutBucketRequestPayment
  • PutBucketTagging
  • PutBucketTransferAcceleration
  • PutBucketUserQos
  • PutBucketVersioning
  • PutBucketWebSite