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ActionTrail:Audit events for RAM User Logon

Last Updated:Feb 10, 2023

RAM User Logon is integrated with ActionTrail. In the ActionTrail console, you can query the management events that are generated when you manage RAM User Logon resources. ActionTrail can deliver management events to Logstores in Log Service or Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets. This way, you can audit the events in real time and locate the causes of issues.

ActionTrail generates management events when you manage cloud resources by using APIs or the Alibaba Cloud Management Console. The following table describes the management events of RAM User Logon that you can query in the ActionTrail console.

Event name



Binds a multi-factor authentication (MFA) device to a Resource Access Management (RAM) user.


Binds a DingTalk account to a RAM user.


Changes the password of a RAM user.


Logs on to the Alibaba Cloud Management Console as a RAM user.