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Alibaba Cloud ActionTrail is a service that monitors and records the actions of your Alibaba Cloud account, including the access to and use of cloud products and services through the Alibaba Cloud console, API operations, and SDKs. ActionTrail records these actions as events.
Use the cloud products in multiple scenarios.
Use ActionTrail to monitor the use of AccessKey pairs
  • Create a trail
  • Query events and configure an alert rule to monitor the use of AccessKey pairs in Log Service
Deliver events to specified Alibaba Cloud services
  • Retain event logs for 180 days or longer
  • Analyze sensitive operations and configure alert rules for the operations
  • Analyze events by using MaxCompute
Use Terraform to create a trail
  • Create a trail
  • Delete resources
Store the required events for a long period
  • Create a single-account trail to deliver events to Log Service
  • Create a historical event delivery task
  • Query the required events