Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network built over the bearer network and contains edge nodes deployed in different regions. Alibaba Cloud CDN offloads network traffic from origin servers to prevent network congestion. You can use Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate website content delivery in different regions or scenarios.

Alibaba Cloud CDN retrieves resources from origin servers and caches the resources on CDN nodes deployed across the world. When clients request the resources, the requests do not need to be redirected to the origin servers. Instead, Alibaba Cloud CDN automatically retrieves the resources cached on the CDN nodes closest to the clients and returns the resources to the clients. For more information about how to connect to Alibaba Cloud CDN, see Quick start.

Certain CDN nodes can be accessed over IPv6.

How to use Alibaba Cloud CDN

The following table lists the documents that describe the features of Alibaba Cloud CDN.
Document Description
Terms Introduces terms related to Alibaba Cloud CDN.
CDN Learning Path Helps you quickly get started with Alibaba Cloud CDN.
API Reference Describes the API operations that you can call to use Alibaba Cloud CDN features.


The basic services and value-added services of Alibaba Cloud CDN are charged based on different billing methods.

For more information about the pricing of Alibaba Cloud CDN, see Pricing of CDN.

Related services

This section describes related services of Alibaba Cloud CDN to help you understand the position and use of Alibaba Cloud CDN among other Alibaba Cloud services.
Related service Benefit
Object Storage Service (OSS) You can integrate Alibaba Cloud CDN with OSS to accelerate access to websites. This way, you can retrieve content directly from CDN nodes to reduce the costs of Internet data transfer.
ApsaraVideo Live You can integrate Alibaba Cloud CDN with ApsaraVideo Live to achieve media feed storage, video segmentation and transcoding, access authentication, and content delivery acceleration.
Alibaba Cloud Domain Name System (DNS) You can use Alibaba Cloud DNS that is highly available and scalable to ensure smooth access to resources.
Elastic Compute Service (ECS) You can use Alibaba Cloud CDN with ECS to improve website availability, protect origin information, and minimize bandwidth usage costs.
Server Load Balancer (SLB) You can specify the IP address of an SLB instance as the origin address to balance the bandwidth required for retrieving resources from the origin server.