Content Delivery Network (CDN) is built on a bearer network that uses a distributed architecture of edge node clusters located in different regions. CDN offloads traffic from origins to prevent network congestion, thereby accelerating web content distribution in different regions and various scenarios while increasing resource access speed.

Alibaba Cloud CDN caches the resources from origins to the accelerating nodes that are distributed across the globe. When a user requests access to such resources, the system does not need to direct the requests to the origin that serves the user. Instead, the system automatically obtains the resources cached on the CDN node closest to the user. For information about how to connect to Alibaba Cloud CDN, see Quick start.

Some CDN nodes support access through IPv6 addresses.

About CDN

The following table lists the documents that help you to better understand the functions of Alibaba Cloud CDN.
Reference document CDN knowledge
Terms Provides terms related to Alibaba Cloud CDN.
CDN Learning Path Helps you quickly get started with Alibaba Cloud CDN.
API Describes the API actions that you can call to operate Alibaba Cloud CDN.

CDN pricing

The basic services and value-added services of CDN are charged separately according to different billing methods.
  • For information about the billing method for basic services, see Basic Service.
  • For information about the billing method for value-added services, see Value-added service.

For information about the pricing of CDN services, see CDN pricing details.

Related products

This section describes the CDN-related products, helping you to better understand the position and usage of Alibaba Cloud CDN in the Alibaba Cloud.
Related product Function
What is OSS? You can use CDN in OSS to increase website access speed and decrease the charges for Internet traffic consumed by OSS.
ApsaraVideo for VOD You can use CDN in ApsaraVideo VOD to decrease the buffer time and increase playback smoothness.
Alibaba Cloud DNS You can use the powerful, stable parsing and scheduling interfaces provided by Alibaba Cloud DNS to guarantee smooth access to resources.
What is ECS? You can use ECS to increase website availability and protect origin information while decreasing the operational bandwidth.
What is Server Load Balancer? You can set the IP address of a server load balancer as the back-to-origin address to decrease the bandwidth required for directing back-to-origin traffic.