ApsaraVideo VOD is an all-in-one solution for on-demand audio and video streaming. You can collect, edit, and upload audio and video files to ApsaraVideo VOD and enable automatic transcoding. ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to manage media resources, edit media files online, and accelerate media delivery to customers for playback based on Alibaba Cloud CDN points of presence (POPs).

Backed by the powerful infrastructure services of Alibaba Cloud, ApsaraVideo VOD provides end-to-end video services to help enterprises and developers build secure, elastic, efficient, and customizable video-on-demand platforms and applications. ApsaraVideo VOD is intended for fields such as video websites, short videos, online education, entertainment, social networking, and news media.

Service architecture

Architecture of ApsaraVideo VOD
Description of the architecture:
  1. You can upload videos to ApsaraVideo VOD by using the ApsaraVideo VOD console, API, or SDK.
  2. You can perform basic video processing, add or remove special effects to or from videos, and encrypt videos based on your requirements.
  3. You can deliver processed videos to different platforms to meet user needs on different devices.