Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017

The Overview part of the Quick Start describes the operating procedure, the purpose, and the target readers of the Quick Start.

Operating procedure

Follow the steps below to purchase and use an ECS instance:

  1. Select configurations.
  2. Create an instance.
  3. Connect to an instance.
  4. For a Linux instance, format and mount a data disk. For a Windows instance, format a data disk.

Purpose of the Quick Start

The Quick Start describes how to quickly create an instance, connect to an instance remotely, and format and mount a data disk. It is designed to be the one-stop process to walk you through the creation and purchase of instances, as well as remote logon and quick environment deployment.

Elastic Compute Service instance, used and abbreviated as ECS instance in this document, may be also called Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service, Elastic Compute Service, or ECS.

Target readers

The Quick Start is a reference for anyone who wants to get started with an ECS instance on the ECS console.

For API users, refer to API documentation.

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