A dashboard in Log Service is a platform where you can analyze data in real time. You can add multiple charts to a dashboard for data analysis. Each chart visualizes the query result of a query statement.

When you open or refresh the dashboard in the Log Service console, the query statements of the charts on the dashboard are automatically executed.

In addition, Log Service allows you to embed console pages into your website and share the pages. This way, you can analyze and display data in a flexible manner. For more information, see Embed console pages into web pages. When you add a chart to a dashboard, you can configure drill-down analysis for the chart. Then you can obtain more fine-grained analysis results.Dashboard


  • You can create a maximum of 50 dashboards for a project.
  • Each dashboard can contain a maximum of 50 analysis charts.

Feature description

Log Service provides the display mode or edit mode for a dashboard. You can perform different operations on a dashboard in different modes.
  • Display mode
    • You can set the query time for a dashboard, create alerts for the charts on the dashboard, display the dashboard in full screen, set auto refresh for the dashboard, and add filters on the dashboard to filter data.
    • You can view the details of a chart, set a query time range for the chart, create an alert for the chart, download the chart, download logs that the chart represents, check whether drill-down analysis is configured for the chart, and preview the query statement of the chart.
  • Edit mode
    • Add chart elements

      You can use a dashboard as a canvas and add Markdown charts, filters, custom HTTP links of images, text, icons, and other chart elements to the dashboard.

    • Adjust the chart layout

      All charts and chart elements are placed on a canvas. You can drag and scale each chart, except for lines. You can also use lines to associate chart elements.

    • Set charts

      In the edit mode of a dashboard, you can modify the query statement and properties of a chart, and configure drill-down analysis for the chart. You can also copy or delete a chart.

    • Modify the dashboard name
    • Import charts