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Simple Log Service:Chart layouts

Last Updated:Aug 29, 2023

The charts of Simple Log Service dashboards support grid layout and free layout. This topic describes how to manage chart layouts.

Layout types

  • Grid layout

    Charts are neatly arranged by grid.

  • Free layout

    You can configure the chart layout, drag charts, and overlap charts.


If a dashboard is in edit mode, different chart layouts support different operations. For more information, see Manage a dashboard in edit mode.

  • In grid layout, you cannot overlap charts or add lines to the charts.

  • In free layout, you cannot collapse rows in the charts.

Configure the chart layout

When you create a dashboard, you can configure the chart layout. For information about how to create a dashboard, see Create a dashboard.

Configure the chart layout

Change the chart layout

You can change the chart layout of a dashboard in edit mode. For more information, see Switch between layout modes.


After you change the chart layout, the lines, collapsed rows, positions, and sizes of the charts may change.