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Types of SMS Messages

One-Time Verification Codes

Make security your number one priority

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Your payment verification code is: 199109.

Feedback and Progress Reports

Keeping customers in the loop is the key to great user experience

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Reminder Messages

It's the small details that count most

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Push Notifications

One message with many recipients

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Alibaba Cloud SMS Advantages

Connect to the World

With coverage of over 200 countries and regions, our algorithms monitor the performance of each message channel in real-time and automatically select the most efficient delivery channel.

Scales to Meet Your Peak Workload

Leverage the same tech that sends 600 million messages during Alibaba’s annual Double 11 Global Shopping Festival. Regardless of size, Alibaba Cloud's SMS can effortlessly scale to meet your workload.

Prioritize Your Messages

Group your messages into different categories and attach quality of service (QoS) priorities based on their importance. For example, messages with high QoS, such as verification codes, arrive first.

Smart Volume Control

Set a maximum number of messages per day to take control of resources and costs. SMS also allows you to limit the number of messages a single user can receive each day.

Secure API

The Alibaba Cloud RAM authorization system automatically verifies who is calling the API to ensure only you can call it, which increases security and visibility for all API calls.

First Class Maintenance and Support

There is no need to build and maintain your own message service infrastructure. You can develop on the SMS platform with supports in five languages: Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, and C#.

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Global Packages

You can send messages to more than 200 countries and regions with the Alibaba Cloud SMS global package

Package Type Message Quantity Price Validity Period
Global SMS Package 3,000

US $150

180 days
Global SMS Package 8,000

US $400

180 days
Global SMS Package 20,000


180 days