New Media

New Media is a unique solution that supports network media, mobile media, and digital TV to deliver compelling content across the globe. With a highly robust, reliable and secure end-to-end network, backed by scalable cloud infrastructure and big data at its core, the new media solution can be quickly and efficiently integrated with your applications. New Media solution helps you reduce your capital investment on IT infrastructure, focus more on your core business and thereby improve your customers’ experience.

Recommended Solution Architecture

Architecture for Integrated News Platforms

  1. 1. Cost-efficient: flexible billing keeps your finances and your business agile with a variety of subscription plans or pay-as-you-go.
  2. 2. High security and stability: Supports all formats of media content and utilizes five-level multidimensional security protection including a cloud key bank-level system, guaranteeing professional content security.
  3. 3. Inter-terminal interaction: the solution allows for inter-communication between multiple devices, such as PC, phone, instant messengers, HD live broadcast etc., for instant sharing, commentary and subscription.
  4. 4. Supports all formats and protocols: basic formats include avi, flv, mp4, and TS. Supported protocols include: HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP amongst others.

Architecture for Integrated News Platforms

  1. 1. Smart convergence: multi-channel news sources are converged based on the internet crawlers and big data intelligent analysis platforms.
  2. 2. Integrated production: a comprehensive content library allows resources to be shared among various channels allowing content selection, review and editing to take place any time, any where.
  3. 3. Comprehensive releases: information can be collaboratively released through multiple channels, including television broadcast, online television, online publications, micro-blogs and instant messengers. The released data can be collected, adjusted and receive feedback, all in real time.
  4. 4. Flexible management: Using GPS positioning, resources such as reporters, cameras, drivers, and vehicles can be flexibly and remotely managed. Visualized process control and management is provided so that the production progress of every item of news can be tracked in real time for monitoring and feedback.

Solution Driven

Developing news stories and events can't be found and tracked easily.
Multi-channel news sources are collected through big data smart analysis platforms and internet crawlers, allowing you to keep track of the latest, most relevant and most captivating news materials.
Conflicts between different medias is hard to prevent.
Access to a comprehensive content library ensures full ability to share resources across all channels. Perfect for online article and video editing.
As databases grow, working efficiency slows which affects the efficiency of editing and publishing content.
Selecting, editing, and reviewing work on mobile apps allow you to work smart, anytime and anywhere. Based on SNS social platforms, news hot-spots work quickly and have a wide coverage allowing data to be collected in real time.
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