Mobile Security Solution

Ensuring the security of mobile applications through extensive vulnerability scans and malware protection

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Developers often end up neglecting the security of applications during the development stages, due to a constrained timeframe as well as low barriers to entry. Furthermore, the vulnerability of the Android platform cannot be understated. For industries such as finance, healthcare, and gaming, security of mobile applications is a major concern. The lack of national regulations or industry standards for the development or launch of mobile apps, as well as the popularization of startup culture also aggravates the problem.

Solution Architecture

Alibaba Cloud Mobile Security protects applications from exposure to poorly written code, insecure API implementations, and other similar threats. It ensures holistic protection throughout the entire lifecycle of mobile applications from potential risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.
Alibaba Cloud Mobile Security has two commonly used components: Vulnerability Scan and App Hardening. Vulnerability Scan monitors Android applications, promptly locates vulnerabilities, and provides full restore solutions. It uses static and dynamic scanning methods to discover security vulnerabilities. App hardening enhances the Android application’s anti-cracking ability.


  • Rapid vulnerability detection
  • Advanced security with application hardening
  • Application vulnerability resolution
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