Mobile Analytics for Big Data Solution

An all-in-one solution to monitor and analyze real-time data for mobile apps

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The abundance of mobile data requires effective and efficient data tracking, storage, and analysis. For effective mass log analysis, companies need an all-in-one mobile analytic solution that independently collects data and provides real-time user behavior analysis and independent log analysis. However, companies cannot quantify or evaluate the effectiveness of performance optimization for monitoring systems without performance data baselines and response thresholds.

Solution Architecture

Alibaba Cloud Mobile Analytics offers an all-in-one solution that monitors and analyzes real-time data generated by mobile applications and provides advanced BI reports. Upon integrating a mobile app with Alibaba Cloud Mobile Analytics, you can use MaxCompute to process data monitored with mobile analytics. The system stores the result in ApsaraDB for RDS, after which you can perform Big Data analysis to generate BI reports. Analytics allows you to track, measure, and understand how mobile users are interacting with your mobile apps. It also allows you to build an efficient mobile marketing strategy based on user behavior reports.


  • User behavioral analysis
  • Visualized BI and analytics
  • Multi-dimensional performance analysis
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