Supply Chain Financing

Eliminate the headaches of sharing credit with suppliers up and down the supply chain.

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In conventional transactions, the credit of enterprises cannot be shared securely among key enterprises and suppliers up and down the supply chain. As a result, it is very difficult and inefficient for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to secure funding. Supply chain information cannot be shared securely. This causes funding inefficiencies. For example, poor instrument negotiation causes long settlement periods.

Solution Architecture

With Alibaba Cloud BaaS, key enterprise information, such as receivables and payables, can be shared securely among suppliers, dealers, and financial institutions. The blockchain service can protect private data while sharing transaction data efficiently among enterprises. In addition, the smart contract supports automatic fund clearing and the circulation of corporate bonds, to improve business operations and the efficiency of capital flow.


  • Smart contracts for speedy fund clearing
  • Share receivables and payables information securely

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