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Customized infrastructure to ensure high availability, scalability and high-performance

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Unlike traditional IT architecture, the cloud ensures high availability through distributed architecture. Alibaba Cloud’s advanced cloud computing platform provides cloud products tailored to meet various scenarios. These products help to deliver a highly available, scalable and high-performance solution based on business requirements.

Solution Architecture

  1. Migrating to the Alibaba Cloud computing platform brings users a wide range of benefits. These benefits include the use of appropriate technical strategies and best practices to solve application issues, such as effective use of caching, service atomization, databasesegmentation, asynchronous performance problems, as well as automatic monitoring/operation and maintenance.
  2. Acommon scenario that migration to the cloud resolves is Large Concurrent Traffic. This scenario involves high levels of traffic and QPS/TPS that exceed 2000. For this scenario the database capacity needs to be greater than 1T in order to perform BI (business intelligence) and data warehouse needs of the application. For such a scenario, you may use the following architecture:
  3. Load Balancing Layer: Server Load Balancer provides traffic load balancing.
  4. Web Service Layer: Web server cluster runs on ECS instances and can be flexibly expanded (a minimum of two instances are recommended).
  5. Application Service Layer: Application server cluster runs on ECS instances and uses Server Load Balancer to load balance, as well as flexibly expand (a minimum of two instances are recommended).
  6. Data Storage Layer: RDS DRDS on a MySQL database is used to create a highly available, flexible extension of the relational database service. OSS then supports massive unstructured distributed storage, and OTS supports high-performance distributed queries of massive structured data. Finally, ODPS supports data warehousing and large data storage and analysis.
  7. This scenario design is also used as a common architecture for other business scenarios.


  • Provides common cloud architecture design
  • Integrates advantages of the cloud

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