This solution uses ROS to create resources such as E-MapReduce, Log Service, and OSS. Based on the tracking, collection, storage, and delivery of e-commerce website operation logs and E-MapReduce-based log consumption analysis, this template demonstrates the best practices for cost-efficient and flexible offline analysis of large amounts of log data.


The deployment instruction for the solution - Cost-efficient and Flexible Offline Big Data Analysis Based on E-MapReduce is following:

1. Check the alibaba cloud account permission, should include these services RDS, ECS, SLB, VPC, EMR, OSS, and SLS.

2. Click the Create Stack button/link, follow the wizard to specify parameters and etc.

3. Once the stack created, log in to the Magento e-commerce system (view SlbLoadBalancerIp out of the stack output).

Please check the best practice for detailed information.


Architecture Diagram

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