Program Introduction

Alibaba Cloud and WeWork are building a platform with scalable and innovative cloud computing services, collaborative space and other enterprise services. The program offers flexible cloud services, the latest business and technology innovations, flexible workspaces, and accessibility to the local community and business ecosystems for international companies looking to enter and succeed in China. As a consulting partner, SoftBank Telecom China will provide professional consulting services to companies joining this program.

Program Benefits

Receive a coupon on WeWork or Alibaba Cloud purchases from this special offer.

Alibaba Cloud Service Coupon



For purchases over $50. Recommended product ECS



For purchases over $250. Recommended product CEN



For purchases over $500. Recommended product WAF

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Connect to Digital China with WeWork and Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud


Alibaba Cloud provides one-stop consulting services to help customers comply with local regulations.

ICP Registration

Alibaba Cloud works with local partners to navigate business through ICP complexities.


Alibaba Cloud networking services provide you a highly stable, low latency, and high-speed network with flexible hybrid cloud connections.


Alibaba Cloud security service is committed to providing simple, secure and intelligent security services.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

One-stop Solution:

Set up your business with ICP and regulatory compliance services from Alibaba Cloud and company registration and HR services from WeWork.

Innovative Solutions

Drive innovation with cutting-edge technology from Alibaba Cloud and a creativity-boosting environment in WeWork.

Scalable Infrastructure

With cloud infrastructure you can trust from Alibaba Cloud and flexible workspace options that can grow with you from WeWork, you can focus on what matters.

Local Ecosystem

Accelerate your success by tapping into the Alibaba ecosystem and the WeWork community.

Global Coverage

Achieve global integration with Alibaba Cloud’s extensive cross-border networks and WeWork’s global network of workspaces.

From getting your business off the ground to building cross-region infrastructure, and from global coverage to local ecosystems, Alibaba Cloud and WeWork are partnering to enable you to overcome all the challenges you’ll face while entering and expanding in China.


1. What are the advantages of hosting in Mainland China?

Hosting in China is the best option to reduce latency and improve load speeds in China. Load speed is crucial anywhere in the world and especially so in the mobile-centric market of China. Hosting a website in China can improve search engine visibility in the market, as Chinese search engines typically rank websites hosted in Mainland China much higher than those hosted outside of China.

2. Is an ICP Filing or ICP Commercial License a must-have for operating a website in China?

An ICP Filing and an ICP Commercial License are two different matters in China. If you want your website to be hosted on a server in China, an ICP filing is mandatory, and if you want your website to function commercially, then you also need to apply for ICP Commercial License. Alibaba Cloud is experienced at helping international companies connect to digital China, and our professional ICP consulting support is just a click away.

3. Can users within Mainland China access my overseas-hosted website?

Most often it's the case that your website should be accessible in Mainland China, but it may face some level of constraints in regards of high latency, intermittent unavailability, and limited SEO visibility depending on the location of where your website is hosted.

4. What companies can participate in the China Gateway Program?

Any company whose global headquarters are not registered in mainland China can apply to participate in the program. However, the special program sales incentive provided by WeWork only applies to companies that rent ten desks or more for a period of at least one year.

5. What is the special program sales incentive provided by WeWork?

All participating companies can receive the best rate available for WeWork memberships in the Greater China region. Companies that rent ten or more desks for a period of at least one year can also participate in WeWork's special program sales incentive. For information about this special program, complete an inquiry form to get in touch with members of our team.

6. Where will the WeWork benefits be offered?

WeWork benefits for the China Gateway Program will be offered in Mainland China.

7. What are the conditions for using WeWork coupons?

Please submit all your information and our staff will reach out to you. The meeting room free trial coupon is limited to working days from 9AM to 6PM, and for 4 hours and for 20 people at most. Each customer is limited to only one experience after confirmation by the WeWork team, and rooms are only available for select WeWork spaces in East China region. Please contact WeWork's customer support team to learn more.

8. Do I need a Chinese domain name for my China website? What are the requirements?

A Chinese (.cn) domain is optional and is not required to host in Mainland China. Purchasing a Chinese domain (.cn) is a straightforward process. All you really need is to provide your passport information. A Chinese domain name application takes approximately 2-3 days to process and can be purchased from Alibaba Cloud.

9. What are the conditions for using these coupons?

The coupons are only for new customers to Alibaba Cloud who are also paying customers of WeWork in mainland China. The coupons offers are applicable to all products in Alibaba Cloud's China Gateway Program business package. You can specifically get $15 off on orders over $50, $85 off on orders over $250, $200 off on orders over $500. Coupons are limited to only one per customer.

10. How long are coupon valid for?

The coupon are valid for a period of 93 days starting from the day after you receive the coupon.

11. How can I receive coupons?

Please you can submit your information on this page by completing the form below. Our customer service will contact you soon.

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