Community Blog You're Next! New Batch of Alibaba Cloud MVP for December 2019 Opens for Nomination

You're Next! New Batch of Alibaba Cloud MVP for December 2019 Opens for Nomination

Are you obsessed with technology and passionate about Alibaba Cloud? Nomination for new Alibaba Cloud MVP award winners is now open!


Are you obsessed with technology and familiar with Alibaba Cloud's products and services? Are you passionate in influencing the tech and developer communities, as well as shaping the future of the tech world?

If you answered yes to these questions, or know somebody who fits this profile, grab the opportunity to nominate yourself or your friend as an Alibaba Cloud MVP (December 2019 batch) by 6 December, 2019.

What Is Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award for thought leaders who have been devoted to helping others fully understand and use Alibaba Cloud technologies.

Who Can Be an Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Ideal candidates for the Alibaba Cloud MVP award are tech professionals who are:

  • Familiar with Alibaba Cloud products and services.
  • Passionate about sharing tech knowledge and experience to the community.
  • In the frontier of the technology industry.
  • Proactive and collaborative.

MVPs Rewarded as MVP of the year at MVP Global Summit 2019

MVP attended Product Discussion with Alibaba Cloud Experts at Apsara Campus

MVPs attended VIP tour during Apsara Conference 2109

Alibaba Cloud MVP Tech Show in UK

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an MVP?

  • Recognition as being an outstanding community leader.
  • Expanded influence in the tech community.
  • Exclusive Alibaba Cloud MVP resources and support.
  • 1 on 1 Technical Session with Alibaba Cloud Experts.
  • Invitation to MVP Global Annual Summit.
  • Tickets to Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference, the largest Cloud Computing Conference in China.
  • Visit to the Alibaba Headquarters.

Click here to see a full list of benefits from Alibaba Cloud MVP.

What Our Experts Are Saying about MVP?

"Cloud computing is a growing trend in the industry. As an Alibaba Cloud MVP, you will carry a big responsibility of driving our innovations as well as building new solutions using our Infrastructure as Code system."

Jiangwei Jiang, the Founder of Alibaba Group, Head of Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Products.


"Developers are great composers, and the code is a silent score composed of 52 notes."

Guanbao Yang, Staff Engineer of Alibaba Group, the author of Alibaba Java Coding guidelines.


""Welcome to the Alibaba Cloud MVP Family. We look forward to exchanging knowledge, best practices, and innovations around Big Data & Analytics solutions. Let's work together to make data the catalyst of digital transformation for enterprises."

Xiaowei Jiang, Senior Director of Alibaba Cloud.


What Do Our MVPs Think about the Alibaba Cloud MVP Program?

"Welcome to the Alibaba Cloud MVP family. Let's find a way to work together and build the future of the cloud with Alibaba's open source solutions."

Alberto Roura, MVP from Australia, Cloud Consultant at Cirrus Audit.


"Working with Alibaba Cloud to improve the products & services based on our real-world experiences makes me feel part of the solution. Let's join hand to make the tech community better for tech professional with all our respect and support."

Hanneng Wong, MVP from Singapore, IT Infra Manager at Charles & Keith.


"WE WANT YOU to come and join our MVP team, together increase blockchain adoption and redefine business networks with Alibaba Cloud BaaS."

Sylvester Lee, MVP from Malaysia, CEO at Verificer.


"Cloud computing is transforming the way we work and develop, but it has only just begun. This is the moment to step up our game. Let's work together, learn from each other and build awesome solutions on Alibaba Cloud!"

Léon Rodenburg, MVP from Netherlands, Software Development Consultant at Xebia.


Nominate an MVP now at https://mvp.alibabacloud.com/mvp/apply

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