Community Blog Shape Alibaba Cloud's Future: New Round of Alibaba Cloud MVP Nomination for December 2018 Opens Now!

Shape Alibaba Cloud's Future: New Round of Alibaba Cloud MVP Nomination for December 2018 Opens Now!

Be an Alibaba Cloud MVP and grow your influence among the global tech community to shape the future of Alibaba Cloud!

Nomination for new Alibaba Cloud MVP award winners (December 2018 batch) is now open!

Are you passionate in sharing knowledge with the tech and developer community? Are you familiar with Alibaba Cloud and want to shape future of the tech world?

If so, be sure to nominate yourself or a friend as the December 2018 batch of Alibaba Cloud MVP by December 13, 2018!

What Is Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award for thought leaders who have been devoted to helping others fully understand and use Alibaba Cloud technologies.

Am I Qualified for an Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Ideal candidates for the Alibaba Cloud MVP award are tech professionals who are:

  1. Familiar with Alibaba Cloud products and services
  2. Passionate about sharing tech knowledge and experience to the community
  3. In the frontier of the technology industry
  4. Proactive and collaborative

Why Should I Become an Alibaba Cloud MVP?

  1. Recognition as being an outstanding community leader
  2. Expanded influence in the tech community
  3. Exclusive Alibaba Cloud MVP resources and support
  4. 1 on 1 Technical Session with Alibaba Cloud Experts
  5. Invitation to MVP Global Annual Summit
  6. Tickets to Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference, the largest Cloud Computing Conference in China
  7. Visit to the Alibaba Headquarters

Click here to see a full list of benefits from Alibaba Cloud MVP.

What Can I Do as an Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Alibaba Cloud MVPs are constantly contributing to the Alibaba Cloud Community by sharing written blog contents, hosting offline tech meetups, answering questions on the Alibaba Cloud Forum, and providing suggestions on Alibaba Cloud Connect platform.

Sai Sarath Chandra P participated in the Alibaba Cloud MVP summit in Hangzhou in September 2018, sharing serverless computing knowledge and his experience as an MVP in India.


Alexander Leenen, Han Neng Wong, Sai Sarath Chandra P and two MVPs from China attended the Computing Conference 2018.


MVP Reza Primasatya from Indonesia delivered a presentation of Alibaba Cloud product, Data Lake Analytics, in an MVP Tech Show in October 2018.


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