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What Is the Big Data

Big data refers to very large and complex data sets, especially data sets from new data sources.

Big Data Definition

Big data refers to very large and complex data sets, especially data sets from new data sources. Big data scale makes traditional data processing software helpless, but big data can help us solve very difficult business problems in the past.
Big data cannot be summarized as a single technology or product, but rather it comprises a comprehensive, complex discipline surrounding data. I look at big data from mainly two aspects: the data pipeline and the technology stack.

What is the function of big data?

Big data is at the heart of smart business. Coherent data integration is becoming a new problem as the market matures and businesses employ diverse data analytics products and solutions. Alibaba Cloud's Data Analytics and AI solutions enable you to develop a single platform with full data analytic capabilities, allowing you to optimize your data pipeline and provide a consistent user experience across the whole data lifecycle. Alibaba Cloud offers industry-specific solutions and applications for integrating data analytics into your business operations, as well as professional Big Data Consulting Services to assist minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify your data analytics journey.

What are the benefits of big data instances?

1.When an big data instance is created or started for the first time, its disks must warm up before they can achieve optimal performance. Each disk can deliver sequential read and write performance of up to 190 MB/s, and each instance can offer a storage throughput of up to 5 GB/s. This reduces the amount of time required to read data from or write data to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) files.

2.The cost of local storage is 97% lower than that of standard SSDs. This significantly reduces the cost to build Hadoop clusters.

3.Big data Network performance is enhanced with higher maximum internal bandwidth per instance and higher maximum packet forwarding rates to satisfy data transfer demands such as shuffling in Hadoop MapReduce at peak times.

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Big data instance families
Big data instance families are designed to provide cloud computing and big data storage to support the needs of big data-oriented enterprises.

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Deep Learning | Development of Big Data Application Testing
This article describes how to test the quality of the technology and systems of the Alibaba AI mid-end, search, recommendation, and advertising applications.

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