Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Wins Digital CX Award for Excellence in Financial Services

Alibaba Cloud Wins Digital CX Award for Excellence in Financial Services

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud's recent achievement in winning the Digital Banker-CX Award.

After winning the SBR Technology Excellence Award awarded by Singapore Business Review, Alibaba Cloud made further efforts to win another overseas organization Digital Banker-CX Awards. It is a great honor for Alibaba Cloud's excellent technology and teamwork to be recognized by more professional organizations. We'd like to sincerely thank each participant for his hard work.


The CX award for digital bankers is mainly for the recognition of Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive cloud services for global financial service institutions and its expertise in the digital transformation of the financial industry. It also recognizes that our financial solutions cover all stages of the digital transformation of financial institutions and provide five core capabilities covering more than 20 business scenarios, to enhance the bank's digital competitiveness, operational efficiency, customer experience, and security compliance.


In addition, the award also affirms the success of Alibaba Cloud's digital transformation through long-term cooperation with customer Bank of East Asia (BEA), taking advantage of its experience in the financial industry.

About Digital Banker CX Awards - Best Cloud Initiative for Digital CX by a Vendor

The Digital CX Awards is the world’s only program dedicated to recognizing pioneering innovation in Digital Customer Experience across the Financial Services ecosystem. The program exists to assess the ever-changing needs of customers in the digital economy and how financial services organizations, FinTechs and BigTechs are creating new business models through the lens of FinTech and transforming the customer journey across all digital touch points.

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