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How to Tackle the Network Challenges and Speed up Your SaaS Applications Globally?

The article explains how to use Global Application Acceleration to scale and improve the performance of SaaS applications.

By Sathiya Sarathi

Alibaba Cloud makes expanding your groundbreaking SaaS application easy with access to a suite of products that will help you expand your SaaS application across regions. It will also minimize latency issues and improve network stability, increasing your revenue multi-folds.

Expanding SaaS Applications Globally

If your customers are across the globe and you need to conquer the global market, accelerating your SaaS application is the heart of the business and adds a major KPI to your revenue. This will help you take advantage of the growing market and proactively plan for the growth and usage of your SaaS application. This helps avert the problem of degrading performance of the SaaS product when the user base grows by utilizing precise solutions when the problems arise.

Challenges Faced by SaaS Applications Developers

  • Latency: Poor latency can result in a bad user experience for mobile apps, web pages, and applications, which will lead to an increase in drop rates and can hinder customer retention.
  • Compatibility with Other Clouds: The SaaS applications need to be compatible with multiple cloud environments and integrate with other similar SaaS applications updates. Rolling out the updates for the cloud environments needs to be provided in a facile manner, but this can be quite challenging.
  • Support for IPv6: Establishing compatibility and allowing communications between IPv6 clients and IPv4 applications is tedious. As business needs evolve, this becomes a major hindrance to the development process.
  • Extending to Other Geographic Regions: As the company grows, deploying the SaaS applications to multiple regions is quite challenging, provided the latency of the web servers is brought to a minimum while serving the applications.
  • System Availability: With the increased number of services comes the need for increased availability of the system itself. This could be devastating to the credibility of the organizations if there are non-reliable availability and weak recovery strategies, resulting in business downtimes.
  • Security Matters: DDoS and other forms of security breaches have become quite common. If the security measures are not in place, it can be catastrophic.

Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration

All the challenges above can be solved using Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration. It makes sure that your SaaS application is robust with accelerated network performance and ensures vigilant application security, ensuring users get the performance and added security.

How Does It Work?

With access to the globally deployed Alibaba Cloud WAN infrastructure, you gain access to centralized management to the global networks and can deploy your services across geographic regions with ease. It also adds multiple security layers for protection against attacks such as DDoS and application-layer attacks. It can even block the malicious traffic from reaching your SaaS application, reducing network congestion and minimizing business impact.

The Global Application Acceleration suite includes the following services:

  • Global Accelerator (GA): A network acceleration service that works based on the global transmission networks from Alibaba Cloud. Access to a high-quality bandwidth facilitates low latency and improved user experience of your SaaS application to the end-users.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): The security layer that protects your SaaS application from DDoS attacks and malicious traffic, ensuring free-flowing traffic to your applications
  • Alibaba Cloud DNS (DNS): DNS provides a reliable domain name service management service to route traffic from domain names to the machine IPs.
  • Global Traffic Manager (GTM): GTM routes the traffic to the nearest available node based on the status health checks in case of load balancing necessities or disaster recovery situations.

What Are the Main Advantages?

  • Serving Traffic across Geographies: Providing seamless performance and ensuring the security of SaaS applications across multiple geographic regions can be tedious.
  • Improving Bandwidth: End-users can access content across geographic regions with high-quality bandwidth.
  • Connect to Third-Party Services: It provides enterprise-grade security and reliability with accelerated access to third-party services via the Global Accelerator. This helps the internal employees serve customers with reduced latency and improved performance.
  • Compatibility with IPv6: The Global Application Accelerator can help you transform the requests from IPv6 clients through IPv6 addresses to IPv4 addresses without porting the application to IPv6.

Offers Available

Global Application Accelerator components are now available in a package deal if you purchase WAF with GA:

  • 25% off if purchased for a year (GA Instance Small I at 192.06 USD/year)
  • 15% off if purchased monthly (GA Instance Small I at 16 USD/month)


Scaling up your SaaS application is straightforward and facile, thanks to the extensive suite of services provided by Alibaba Cloud. This will help you scale and establish the global footprint of your SaaS application with increased performance, reducing latency.

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