Global Accelerator (GA) is a secure, reliable, and easily deployed acceleration service. This service can accelerate connections to applications and provide superior performance and high availability.

Superior performance

Relying on the high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) bandwidth and the global network of Alibaba Cloud, GA leverages the global network infrastructure of points of presence (PoPs) to reduce Internet latency, network jitters, and packet loss.

High availability

GA allows you to manage network traffic that is routed across regions and directed to multiple endpoints. Thus, a failover is implemented to prevent single-region and single-line failures.

GA continuously monitors the health status of all endpoints and instantly begins redirecting network traffic when needed to ensure service continuity.

High security

Integrated with Alibaba Cloud security products, GA safeguards your application endpoints and protects your Internet services against attacks.

Easy deployment

GA is easy to configure and can be deployed within a few minutes. Resources are monitored and maintained in a centralized manner. This mechanism simplifies the deployment process.